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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Has Your Insurance Placed You In Safe Zone?

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Sometime back in 2006, a HIV infected person “Timothy Brown” also known as “Berlin Patient” was said to have been cured fully of HIV due to his bone marrow transplant for treatment of leukemia. This was considered a major breakthrough in medical history. Scientists rejoiced that they had cracked the hard shell. The transplants were from a donor with a genetic mutation that was naturally resistant to this virus. It is said that many Caucasian people have this kind of mutation. But suddenly the virus has surfaced again in the body of Timothy Brown. This means anything that has been considered cured can return for a second innings. Man proposes and God disposes.So you should not slacken or overlook the need to have a temporary health insurance at the least.

Human Immunodeficiency virus(HIV) is a virus that attacks the immunity system and weaken it. Getting infected with this leads to AIDS making human body vulnerable to all kinds of life-threatening infections and create a conducive environment for cancers. HIV transmissions occur mostly through sexual intercourse, blood transfusions, injection needles and from mother to baby during pregnancy. Nowadays there are more awareness programs to educate the people about how this can be prevented. Vaccinations are yet to be discovered for this deadly disease. However the course of this disease can be controlled to an extent with antiretroviral treatment.This is not only expensive but also has it’s side effects.

The demonic face of this disease was thought to have been conquered with the blood of Caucasian race. But now questions have started lingering in the minds of scientists due to the new development in Brown’s case. Investigations are on to prove the truth behind this confusion. As far as our standing goes, we need to be always in the safe territory. This can be achieved only if you possess a good health coverage that gives you maximum benefits at an economical cost. Until you find such an insurance, temporary health insurance can provide a better coverage. The plans cover you against any unexpected sickness or injuries. It does not provide coverage for existing conditions or preventive medications or vaccinations or vision or dental care. Otherwise it covers hospitalization, tests, clinic visits, organ transplants and repatriation.

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