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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Go Green With Your Health By Quitting Smoking

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Smoking is a deadly habit that haunts your life by rewarding you with a variety of health hazards. Though there are various forms of smoking, cigarettes are widely used for this purpose. Other forms include pipes, hookahs, vaporizers etc. The worse nightmare of this habit is that it not only affects the smoker but also those who are around getting exposed to this smoke. So how much ever you are careful about your health, your surroundings also matter. You should be ready to face the medical expenses arising out of these health related issues. If you are unemployed, you need to be more careful and more prepared with some health coverage all the time. If you do not possess any coverage, you can browse the net for health insurance quotes for unemployed and do the needful.

I had always wondered why people smoke inspite of all the ill-effects known to everyone. What starts as an element of fun ends up as addiction to many. Some people reward themselves with a smoke for having achieved something.Some smoke because they feel emotionally safe with the habit. Some think that it makes them appear stylish. What everyone forgets is that it is eating up every minute of your precious life and good health. However if this habit is stopped before it is too late or before it becomes an addiction, our body has the capability to repair itself to almost it’s original state. But how many realise this? They just postpone or take least notice until a big health crisis strikes them.

Let us take a quick tour of how many different types of attacks we can receive due to smoking. To start with, we can get mouth cancer. The tobacco in cigarettes causes bad breath, discoloration of teeth and it’s decay. As you progress downwards to your chest, the smoke attacks the bronchi lining rupturing it causing severe cough. Due to this bronchi becomes weak, thus becoming vulnerable to infections. Mucus secretion in lungs are also affected. Ground is set for receiving lung cancer. Next, it can attack your heart with a vengeance. Carbon monoxide reduces the blood oxygen and leads to cholesterol deposits on artery walls. Smoking also raises blood pressure and quickens blood clotting. All of these increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. Likewise smoking can cause cancer in throat, pancreas and bladder.

Why should we even think about the health hazards when we can choose the easiest route i.e., by quitting smoking? If you choose to continue with smoking lifestyle and if you are affected by any of the above, just remember that you will become dependent on others and have to live at other people’s mercy. There is nothing worser than this. So it is better to quit smoking and to stay away from people who smoke. As a precaution, you should possess some health coverage even if you are unemployed. If not, look for health insurance quotes for unemployed and buy the same so that you remain safe even financially.

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