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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Getting the Best from Your Short Term Insurance

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Short term health insurance gives you many options for payment and planning so that you are able to decide and select the best plan for your situation. By being in control, you can ensure that you plan and get the best out of the policy that you are choosing.

Take this scenario: You have just got a new job, but have taken a month off for personal reasons before starting work there. After you join, there are several other formalities and it may take time to process health coverage for you. If all this works to around 4 months, say, you can pay one time and save yourself 20% on the short term health insurance premium.

Take another scenario: You have joined a new company, where you have to immediately leave to a different city for an unspecified time. You don’t know how long that will be and you might not be able to follow up with the office for you permanent insurance with the new job.

The ideal solution here would be to take a short term insurance plan such as Secure Saver and start paying by the month. When you get your employer-sponsored health insurance plan, you can immediately stop the payment.

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