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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • For Those Affected by Unemployment in North Carolina, Short Term Medical Insurance Offers Relief

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North Carolina has not been immune to the labor woes experienced by the rest of the United States. Many within the state of North Carolina have lost their jobs over the past few years. This not only presents the obvious problem of a lack of income, but losing your job also usually has the added effect of losing insurance coverage for your family. This prompts many area residents to choose North Carolina short term health insurance for relief.

As of December 2010, the unemployment rate in North Carolina stood at 9.7%. Going back 20 years to 1990. the unemployment rate in the state was only at 4.1%. Looking at just ten years earlier, in the year 2000, the figure was even lower, at 3.8%. But beginning in 2008, the rate began to rise very quickly, reaching a maximum of 11.7% in January 2010. So while the 9.7% figure is troubling, it actually represents an improvement over the beginning of the year. All data comes from The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Most Americans count on their employer not only for their weekly income, but also for insurance benefits. Employers offer employees tremendous savings on health insurance through group healthcare plans, making it very affordable for employees to provide the care that their families need. So when someone loses their job, there may be a great deal of anxiety in regards to how this important resource will be supplied.

North Carolina short term medical insurance therefore fills a very important need. When someone no longer has access to a group health plan through their employer, and does not want to pay the high administrative fees that come with using COBRA, they can purchase this type of insurance. It offers great care for your whole family at more affordable prices than COBRA. And you can purchase it for short periods of time, so that when you do land in new job, you are not stuck with a policy you don't need. These plans offer great care, convenience, and peace of mind for policyholders.

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