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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Flooding Victims in the U.S. May Need Short Term Health Insurance

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Throughout the southern portion of the United States, floods as powerful as any ever seen in the region are causing devastation. These floods could cost area residents their lives, their homes, and their jobs. For those who lose their jobs, short term health insurance provides an affordable way to provide their families with medical care after the floods have passed.

The floods in question is being caused by rising levels of the Mississippi River. The floods are occurring from as far north as Illinois down to the bottom edge of the country in Mississippi. While many of the areas being hit are used to seeing floods happen each year, the power of these floods outstrips anything previously seen, causing extreme damage to homes and businesses.

These floods are wiping out farmland, homes, and businesses , and some weather forecasters are predicting they will last until July.If your place of work is shut down because of floods, Not only are you going to lose income, but you will lose your insurance coverage as well. What would you do if your family became ill or injured and you no longer had insurance to cover the expense of visiting the doctor or hospital?

Thankfully, short term health insurance provides a simple and affordable solution to your problem. It covers most of the cost of medical treatment for you, and it can be used to purchase prescriptions, visit the emergency room, or obtain inpatient or outpatient care. An you can purchase it for short periods of time. So if your business is planning to re-open in August, or if you will be landing a new job in the next few weeks, you can buy the plan for just that amount of time, instead of buying a year's worth of coverage. During a difficult time such as this flooding, this type of insurance offers policyholders a measure of protection.

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