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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Extensions, the Short Term Insurance Way

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Once your short term health insurance plan period is nearing its end, it seems like a signal to do something, anything that will reflect positive action towards permanent health insurance. However, it might happen that you are not ready to make a decision yet.

You might have purchased the temporary health insurance plan in a hurry, with a promise that you will think of something more permanent soon, once you get others things in order in your busy schedule. It may so happen that this period of “thinking it over” might not arrive until nearly the expiry of your 6-month temporary insurance plan.

There is no need to jump into a permanent solution in a hurry. If the temporary plan has suited you well enough, then the best thing is to continue it for a little while more till you look around and plan for a better one. You might want to renew it on a monthly basis, until you come to a decision on long-term insurance.

If you renew your insurance before the 6-month period is over, about 30 days before it is terminated, you can renew it by filling up a simple form. Following approval, the plan is renewed from the next day that the coverage ends. You will get a new certificate of insurance with a new deductible and co-insurance.

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