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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Enjoy your career break with health insurance

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World economy is going through tough times. But still some people decide to take a break in their career so that they can rejuvenate their mind and energy and then take up another job. Until the time they worked in a company, they would be covered under group employee insurance scheme. But after leaving the company, they would not be covered under any health insurance. It is at this time the health insurance for unemployed becomes handy when a person falls sick or meet with an accident without any insurance coverage.

People who decide to take a break in their career mostly go on trips to various places to entertain themselves. During these trips they meet people from various culture and traditions. They taste various cuisines and enjoy themselves. Some travel by trains or flights. Some people take cruise ship just to enjoy the experience. But injury can happen through any of the above travel means. The best example of this is the accident in Italy. The Costa Concordia cruise ship which was housing more than 4200 passengers and crew dashed into a reef on January 16’th. Many were injured.

When this sort of accidents occur, we should not curse ourselves for our negligence of not subscribing to health insurance for unemployed. This insurance offers medical coverage from a month to a year. The initial deductions range from $250 to $5000. There are also co-insurance options available for the initial $5000 of medical expenditure.

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