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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Customize Your Plan with Assurant Temporary Insurance

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When you look for short term health insurance after employer-sponsored coverage, the one thing that you will notice is the choice you have in the plans available. Even within a single temporary insurance plan, there are many choices available, so that you can completely customize your plan.

For example, in the Assurant Health Short Term Medical plan, the combination of the deductible, plan period, and coinsurance decide how much you are covered for, and how much you end up paying as premium.

Choosing a higher deductible will decrease your premium, and will reduce the costs of insurance. However, remember that if you do fall sick, you will end up paying a lot more out of your pocket. It is, however, a great idea for the young and healthy who do not want short term coverage for more than six months.

While the Assurant plan offers a constant 80% coinsurance option, many short term insurance plans offer a choice in the coinsurance payable. The coinsurance is the portion of a predetermined amount that the plan holder will pay before the plan pays out 100% of the benefits. Paying for the short term insurance monthly will increase the premium by a bit, but if you are unsure about when you will get off temporary insurance, it is the option to choose.

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