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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Count on the Protection of Short Term Health Insurance in California

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Are you a California resident in need of affordable medical coverage for yourself and your family? Perhaps a change in your employment status is driving this need. If so, you do not need to conduct a lengthy search for a solution. There is a simple and cost effective alternative to COBRA coverage and other methods of purchasing insurance. That solution is short term health insurance.

The global economic turmoil being felt all around the world has certainly been felt in the state of California. Many residents have seen their employment status change because of financial upheaval. In many cases, downsizing has left them without jobs, which in turn leaves them without medical insurance (since most people rely on their jobs to provide their medical coverage). This can be problematic for any resident, especially those with families to support.

Or perhaps you have not lost your job, but instead found a new opportunity as a result of the recent economic activity. As some jobs have vanished, other new opportunities have opened up for some lucky Californians. One downside to starting a new job is that your employer may not immediately make medical benefits available to you. Providing health insurance is expensive for an employer, and they may wish to wait a few months to ensure you are a good fit before offering you a full benefits package.

No matter which of these situations you find yourself in, you can trust the benefits offered by short term health insurance. This type of coverage allows you access to high quality medical treatment, and it does so at an affordable rate. So rather than take risks with the health and finances of your family, you can rest easily knowing that if a medical issue arises during your time of uncertainty, this policy will protect you.

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