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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Cool Our Planet By Fighting Global Warming

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If we take a look at our life in recent years, lot of changes have occured in our usual climate system. Summers are horrendous with extreme heat. Wildfires are just propping out of nowhere. Oceans become angry and cause tsunami. Tremors and earthquakes are the common terms in the recent years. Scientists are even more seriously investigating on these changes. Most of the events are attributed to global warming. These symptoms of global warming cause mass destruction before it wanes away. In this era of uncertainty, we will have to be doubly protective of our health. We should be watchful of our health and devise ways to have a good treatment if we are affected. Good treatment is assured if we are covered by a good health insurance. If you are unable to work for some reason, then health insurance for unemployed is the best choice.

Though the experts had predicted that extreme weathers will occur, nobody imagined it to be this worse. A professor, Michael Oppenheimer from Princeton University has stated that this was just a window into what global warming would look like. If this is just a window, then it’s really frightening to even imagine how a life in a globally warmed earth would be.

It has been stated that there are about 10 causes and effects caused by global warming. To produce electricity, coal burning power plants are used which turn release enormous amount of carbon-di-oxide into our atmosphere. This is the first cause. The second cause is the burning of gasoline from our vehicles used for transportation which again emits carbon-di-oxide into our environment. Thirdly the methane emissions, due to bacteria breaking down the organic matter in oxygen-starved conditions, from intestines of herbivorous animals are a major threat to our atmosphere. The fourth cause is deforestation for want of fuel and other products. The fifth cause is using of pesticides and fertilizers above permitted levels.

The first effect of global warming would be a rise in sea levels which could eat up many nations. The second effect is occurence of severe storms. The third effect is some amount of failure in agriculture that will cause famine. The fourth effect would be the extinction of species. The fifth and final effect is complete wash-out of coral-reefs which helps in the survival of many of the ocean-species.If we do not rise up to the occasion and take necessary steps unitedly, our planet is sure to become extinct.

Though the effects have already started showing up in glimpses only, the way if affects our life has become unbearable. Atleast now we should preserve our environment though what has happened until now is irreversible. To save our health from any of it’s effects, we need to be sufficiently insured with health insurance for unemployed if we do not have a job. This offers coverage from a period of 1 month to 1 year.

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