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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Consider Short Term Travel Health Insurance for Your Holiday Travel Plans

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Roger was taking his family to Europe for the Christmas holiday. Their trip would take them across several countries in Europe, allowing them to see some of the world's most popular cities and attractions. As he prepared everything the family would need for the trip, one of the first purchases he made was short term travel insurance.

Each of the countries the family would be visiting had different rules and regulations regarding health insurance coverage. And the group health plan that Roger's employer provided the family would not be accepted in any of them. Roger learned this while booking the trip with his travel agent, who informed him that they would essentially be uninsured for the duration of the trip if all they had was their current insurance plan.

This was of great concern to roger. Even though the chances of someone in the family getting sick or injured on the trip seemed unlikely, he knew it would just take one mishap to lead to a doctor's visit that would cost anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars in fees. That was an expense he did not have built into the family's vacation budget.

But through research, he found that short term travel insurance would offer his family coverage in every one of the countries they were going to visit. So even though he hoped they would never need to use it, he was happy to make a small investment in this type of coverage in order to get valuable peace of mind. He knew that if the family needed to use it, they'd save a significant amount of money, so they could focus on enjoying their trip instead of worrying about what problems might occur.

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