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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • California Residents Find Help With Temporary Health Insurance

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It is no secret that the United States has not been immune to the economic difficulties felt around the globe over the last few years. One of the states in the U.S. that has been hit hardest is California. This has left many California residents looking for a way to maintain healthcare for their families. Temporary health insurance has provided great benefits to many residents caught in this predicament..

As one of the U.S.'s most highly-populated states, California has naturally seen one of the highest unemployment rates. In October, it was reported that 12.4% of California residents were unemployed; the 3rd highest rate in the nation. For most Americans, health insurance is provided by their employer, so losing a job also means losing healthcare benefits. This has left many Californians scrambling for ways to affordably keep their family covered.

Temporary health insurance has provided the answer for a large number of these citizens. It offers affordable coverage for doctor's visits, hospitalizations, surgery, and more. It is designed for care that is absolutely medically necessary as opposed to providing checkups and general wellness visits, but that still provides a great deal of peace of mind for policyholders; especially those with families.

It offers lower premium payments than other alternatives like COBRA. And it can be purchased in very brief increments. That way, when you do get a new job and become eligible for a new group health insurance plan, you can cancel your temporary plan and you won't need to pay for two plans at once. It truly offers an affordable and convenient option for unemployed Californians.

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