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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I was completely suprised to read today’s news about the recovery of a brain-dead person. This person, who hails from Arizona, met with a serious car accident on October 19’th. His brain injuries were too severe that the doctors lost all hopes of saving him. And they broached the subject of organs donation with his family for their approval. This was when he suddenly woke up from his coma. There can be a no-better Christmas gift than this for his near and dear ones. When any of you are waiting for your medical insurance to take effect and are struck in a situation like this, won’t you thank your stars if you possess a short term health insurance already?

You may be a really healthy peron with absolutely no complaints. But crisis can strike in any form like the above accident. That is the time, one will realize the importance of a health insurance. The medical bills have the capacity to drain your pocket and may sometimes leave you penniless. And when this happens at the wrong time like waiting for your medical insurance to take effect, you will finally end up cursing yourself for your ignorance or negligence.

Short term health insurance is a very useful insurance that can be availed by anyone who is under 64 years of age. As the name depicts, this insurance is valid for a short term and is a saviour in times of need when you are in situations like job transitions, waiting for a different health insurance or on CORBA.

With the world economy recording it’s dip in the graph of every passing day, every day is a scary day as anyone can lose their job because of companies’ downsizing trend. Unemployment is now increasingly becoming a major economic issue. Blessed are those who already have a job. The unemployed people are under the impression that they cannot afford to fall sick. But this has now become a wrong perception with the advent of health insurance for unemployed.

The unemployed people inspite of not being on any company’s rolls would be delighted about this insurance. This festive winter season is always accompanied by viruses and infections. Just a walk around your city to drink the beauty of it’s decoration can expose you to “n” number of bacteria and viruses ready to attack. And if your immune system is not up to the mark, bacterias and viruses are definitely going to enjoy their feast, preying on you. Just for these reasons, can we miss the enjoyment and fun factors of the season? Definitely not.

If you are on a lookout for a job immediately, you may be required to travel for face to face interviews. Or if you are at the fag end of finalising the job and if the workplace is in a different city, it might demand some amount of travel on your part. Thereby your chances of encountering infections increases.

Inspite of all the preventive vaccinations being in place, if you catch an infection, you should be prepared to fight it out. To fight, you should either be financially well-settled already or very well-settled comfortably with health insurance for unemployed. This insurance offers coverage starting from a period of 1 month upto 1 year.

Are you a California resident in need of affordable medical coverage for yourself and your family? Perhaps a change in your employment status is driving this need. If so, you do not need to conduct a lengthy search for a solution. There is a simple and cost effective alternative to COBRA coverage and other methods of purchasing insurance. That solution is short term health insurance.

The global economic turmoil being felt all around the world has certainly been felt in the state of California. Many residents have seen their employment status change because of financial upheaval. In many cases, downsizing has left them without jobs, which in turn leaves them without medical insurance (since most people rely on their jobs to provide their medical coverage). This can be problematic for any resident, especially those with families to support.

Or perhaps you have not lost your job, but instead found a new opportunity as a result of the recent economic activity. As some jobs have vanished, other new opportunities have opened up for some lucky Californians. One downside to starting a new job is that your employer may not immediately make medical benefits available to you. Providing health insurance is expensive for an employer, and they may wish to wait a few months to ensure you are a good fit before offering you a full benefits package.

No matter which of these situations you find yourself in, you can trust the benefits offered by short term health insurance. This type of coverage allows you access to high quality medical treatment, and it does so at an affordable rate. So rather than take risks with the health and finances of your family, you can rest easily knowing that if a medical issue arises during your time of uncertainty, this policy will protect you.
If you have recently changed jobs or are planning to take a trip, you may be interested in purchasing a short term medical insurance plan. These plans offer a convenient and affordable way for you to make sure you have access to the health care you need in a variety of situations. But if you have never bought a plan like this before, you may wonder how to purchase it, or even how to find out how much one costs. Thankfully, the process of getting a quote is very simple.

The easiest way to being getting a short term medical insurance quote is to go onto the Internet. There are many providers online who offer instant no obligation estimates. This means that with just a few clicks you can get an accurate price from many providers without being under any requirement to make a purchase. Al;l you will need to do is provide some basic information.

What sort of information will I need to provide, you may ask. You will need to share your current state of residence. If your need for this plan is because of travel, you will need to disclose where you are traveling to as well. You will need to share your age as well as the age of anyone else being included on the policy. How long will you need the policy for? Is it just for a week while you travel, or for a few months while you wait for plan eligibility at a new job?

You will also need to enter information relative to the cost. For instance, you may be able to select your desired co-insurance payment amount. You can also choose your deductible, as well as how often you wish to make payments on the policy. All of these elements will be required to provide you with an accurate quote. With these few simple steps, you are just moments from getting the estimate you need - it really is that simple!
Thanksgiving is now less than a week away, and for many Americans that means that travel is just around the corner. There is so much to do when it comes to preparing for Thanksgiving travel - packing, booking hotel rooms, planning a route if you are driving or searching for the best ticket deals if you are flying. And when you are focused on so many different aspects of planning, it might be easy to overlook some of the less obvious preparations. One you must ensure you don't ignore is the need to purchase short term travel insurance.

In the best case scenario, your Thanksgiving travel will go smoothly. You will get to your destination on time, spend some quality time with loved ones, and return home safely and on schedule. However, for many travelers, things don't quite go as planned. There are many ways that plans can be derailed, and in some instances those unforeseen problems can lead to unplanned expenses. This is especially true when it comes to illness and injury.

There are many different ways in which illness might arise while traveling. You could get food poisoning from something you ate. You could catch the flu, a cold, or some other bug passing through the air. Since Thanksgiving occurs at a time when many areas are just experiencing a dip in temperature, this is an especially strong possibility. Or you may have been a bit ill before departing, only to have the stress travel exerts on your body exacerbate the condition.

There are also many ways in which injuries might occur. From car accidents to injuries incurred while playing sports to simple slips and falls, danger could be lurking where you least expect it. Thankfully, the simple purchase of a short term travel insurance can help absolve you of financial responsibility for those fees. Without this type of plan, network restrictions and other factors could cause you to pay full price for medical treatment. But with a policy like this in hand, your expenses will be partially or fully covered, potentially saving your thousands and giving you even more to be thankful for.
This is a very popular time of year to plan vacations. For some people, a vacation around the holidays makes sense because it gives them a chance to get back together with friends and family. For others, an escape from the cold winter weather is the big drawing card for vacationers. Or maybe you like to schedule your vacation around the holidays because your kids will be out of school. No matter the reason, one thing is consistent from scenario to scenario - you need short term travel insurance to make sure you do not have to pay too much for medical coverage.

Many people assume that the medical coverage they have will protect them in any and all situations. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Various network restrictions will affect your ability to get the care you need at an affordable rate when traveling. And if you think becoming ill or injured while traveling is bad, imagine how much worse it will be when you cannot get the necessary treatment for it.

With a short term travel insurance policy, this is not something you will need to worry about. Your medical expenses will be covered no matter where you travel. This is particularly important if you are traveling with family members. Can you imagine being faced with the decision of foregoing the medical treatment that your spouse or children need, or getting the treatment but being handed a bill you cannot afford to pay?

After all, uninsured medical expenses can easily cost you several hundred or even thousands of dollars. That is probably not factored into your vacation budget. Make sure that your next vacation travel adventure is one that includes total peace of mind. You simply never know when an injury or illness might occur. Rather than cross your fingers and hope nothing happens, take this simple step and make sure that if something does, you are ready.

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