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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

A very close friend of mine, Mittany and her husband, Peter with their two kids made a complete contented family. Peter was a successful wildlife photographer and Mittany was a clerk in a law firm. Both earned a hefty package and lived a luxurious life in Maryland. As Peter was elevating very soon in his career, Mittany decided to take a break in her career to fend for her kids. Knowing fully well that she will no longer be covered under employer group insurance plan and that it will take some time for her to get a permanent health insurance, she had wisely opted for short term health insurance Maryland.

Everything was smooth until a disaster struck their family in the form of an earthquake in August 2011. Mittany was 5 months pregnant at that time. The shaking caused by the impact of earthquake landed as cardiac arrest on Peter and he passed away all of a sudden leaving his whole family in distress. Mittany had to fight through all the problems, the most important problem being her pregnancy. Though the couple had an envious lifestyle, Mittany was left with too little savings.

It was short term health insurance Maryland that helped her out in such stressful times. This insurance offer two types of insurance plans - assurant health short term insurance and HPA secure short term medical insurance. Assurant health short term insurance offers coverage on a temporary basis for those without any immediate health insurance. HPA secure short term medical insurance offers coverage for the whole family on a temporary basis until a permanent insurance is availed.

Feverish talks are going on among Consumer groups regarding the overhauling of President Barack Obama’s health care. Under these unstable circumstances, people whose health insurance is nearing expiry or already expired and do not possess one, should consider going for a temporary health insurance so that they can wait and choose a suitable long term plan leisurely.

The requirement for the President’s health care rule states that the health plans are expected to present a simpler and standard summaries of coverage to facilitate the consumer’s ease of choosing a suitable health insurance plan and at the same time provide for consumer protection. But the implementation of this itself seems to be in question as there are talks that the consumer protection might not be present in the rule. But the administration officials have reassured the consumer groups that the health care system would be more transparent and easily understandable.

Until all the issues settle down and the system rests itself in place, people, without any health insurance coverage can protect themselves with temporary health insurance. This insurance provides coverage for sudden illnesses or injuries. The regular checkups, vaccines, vision or dental care and the treatment for pre-existing conditions are exempted from coverage. This insurance gives coverage for hospitalization, diagnostic tests, doctor office visits, organ transplants and repatriation.

World economy is going through tough times. But still some people decide to take a break in their career so that they can rejuvenate their mind and energy and then take up another job. Until the time they worked in a company, they would be covered under group employee insurance scheme. But after leaving the company, they would not be covered under any health insurance. It is at this time the health insurance for unemployed becomes handy when a person falls sick or meet with an accident without any insurance coverage.

People who decide to take a break in their career mostly go on trips to various places to entertain themselves. During these trips they meet people from various culture and traditions. They taste various cuisines and enjoy themselves. Some travel by trains or flights. Some people take cruise ship just to enjoy the experience. But injury can happen through any of the above travel means. The best example of this is the accident in Italy. The Costa Concordia cruise ship which was housing more than 4200 passengers and crew dashed into a reef on January 16’th. Many were injured.

When this sort of accidents occur, we should not curse ourselves for our negligence of not subscribing to health insurance for unemployed. This insurance offers medical coverage from a month to a year. The initial deductions range from $250 to $5000. There are also co-insurance options available for the initial $5000 of medical expenditure.

To be diagnosed with diabetes is now becoming a common occurence around us. People no longer fear this disorder of the body or the ill-effects it can bring us. There are numerous drugs to compensate the reduced secretion of insulin i.e., the diabetes. This is also said to be a genetic disorder. Diabetes can create complications like damage to blood vessels, reduced vision, malfunctioning of kidneys, numbness of feet etc. So we should always keep our health in check. We should always be well-prepared financially. People who are not covered under COBRA should possess COBRA insurance alternatives if they want to escape the burden of spending.

The recent studies and research has come up with the discovery of new hormone that helps in the prevention of occurence of diabetes. The benefits given by this hormone, named “irisin” are bountiful. This new hormone is secreted in the human body when he/she exercises which not only converts the white fat into healthy brown fat that assists in burning calories but also boosts the insulin secretion. Researchers are trying to mimic the effects of this hormone to aid people suffering from diabetes and those who are obese. However it is also said that not all the good effects of this hormone can be replicated.

Since diabetes shows no partiality in affecting anyone, it is important that we always possess some kind of health insurance like COBRA insurance alternatives to efficiently handle any situation. This alternative is very much useful for those who have been fired by employers who offered neither the group health insurance nor COBRA. The premium for this alternative is much lesser than COBRA and hence affordable.

Brain is the most complex and wondrous of all the parts of a human body. Though it consists of lumps of fat and proteins that are very unique in every individual, the power it possesses is enormous and unimaginable. The power is at it’s peak during young age. As we grow, it’s power deteriorates as we don’t use it’s capacity to the fullest. With ageing, the cognitive skills of a person falls drastically impacting everyday activities.As per British Medical Journal Report published on Friday this starts as early as 45 years. In severe cases, this demands medical attention and if you do not have any kind of health insurance for a temporary timeframe,  start browsing about temporary health insurance quotes.

Brain power is what differentiates a human being from other living organisms. So it is our duty to protect our brain from getting damaged. The damages can be as small as an ant or as big as a giant. For example you might misplace your belongings and search endlessly until somebody finds it for you or you might forget some important business assignments and land up in trouble. This if identified and attended to at an early stage can help us live better. Else we will end up in hospital mostly at a wrong time, which is during the absence of any health insurance.

To avoid losing medical care due to financial crunch, get temporary health insurance quotes and buy it before it is too late. This insurance is best suited for people who are on job shifts or laid off or not on CORBA or anyone without immediate medical coverage. This insurance can be availed from 1 month to 12 months depending on the need.

It is quite disheartening to hear that the sale of anti-depressant drugs and sleeping pills have soared in the recent times. The reason for the same is attributed to the prevailing tough economic times. If we get victimised, we can stay protected to an extent with assurant short term health insurance.

People who are well settled in a job, get fired suddenly due to downsizing of companies. These people start feeling insecure and undergo depression. Retail businesses get affected as people have to keep their purses zipped due to tough economic situation. People in this kind of businesses who are unable to face the huge losses will be under enormous stress. Apart from all of this, new graduates are in a pathetic state. Even the experienced lot are rendered jobless. Where will the new inexperienced graduates fit in?

To fuel this current scenario, there are also many environmental changes affecting human health in addition to the dipping market situation. If there are pressures from all sides, how will you handle all at a time? To reduce our pressures partially, assurant short term health insurance offers health coverage for people who lack medical insurance for a shorter period. These individuals might be amidst job shifts, laid off, on strike, on break in health insurance, temporary employees or new college graduates. This insurance can be availed from a period of one month to 12 months depending on the need and the place of residence.

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