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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stock markets have taken it’s major investors to the throne. And the same stock markets have also pushed it’s investors down the hill destroying them. Some people get subjected to severe health problems due to this heavy loss. In the absence of a health insurance, short term health insurance will be a boon.

There are people who do smart business. They know where to invest and where not to. They know where to risk and where not to. Stocks and share trading is also one such business. It can make a person rich or it can make him beg on streets - a risky gamble. If you become rich, then it’s a happy journey. But if you lose everything, then it’s a thorn-filled journey. Some have even suffered a heart attack. My previous neighbour was a standing example to this instance. He had retired and with a desire to earn extra money invested all of his settlement in shares and suffered a serious loss. His heart was too weak to face this shock and hence suffered a heart attack.

Always think before you act. We should always play it safe when it comes to money. Same concept applies to health too. If you do not possess any health coverage, invest in short term health insurance until you are ready to purchase a long term one. This insurance provides medical coverage for all US citizens under 64 years. This insurance is ideal for people who are waiting for their health insurance or between job switching or on COBRA.

Being rendered jobless is one of the worse things that can happen in one’s life. But the statistics shows an increase in the number of people filing for benefits given to jobless people. There is also an increase in debt ratio than in previous years. Being unemployed, have you given a thought to health insurance coverage as you are no longer under the group coverage given by your employer? You ought to consider getting health insurance quotes for unemployed so that you remain in a safe area.

Though the after-tax incomes have helped the households to have an almost steady sail, economists are unable to determine how much this will help them return to a fully normal life. The government is also doing it’s part by trying to add more jobs. Under this situation, a jobless person need to be doubly careful by possessing some form of health coverage.

Sources are plenty when you look for some information. Internet is the most popular option of all and it provides us with more than what is required for us to decide. Although medical coverage is offered by COBRA, it works out to be quite costly. This will add to the burden of unemployment. Health insurance quotes for unemployed is useful for those who have suddenly lost their job or have quit their job for some reason. It offers coverage for a reasonable premium.

Tornado struck Illinois is in for more attacks and surprises from Nature. Many homes were ruined and flattened by the violent storms. Many people were injured and killed by this wrath of Nature. To accomodate all the medical expenses associated with these attacks, one should always possess some form of health coverage. If you do not possess one for some reason or the other, atleast until you decide on something, get yourself insured with temporary health insurance.

Since tornado had taken a one-day holiday, people from the destruction struck areas were quickly trying to make their situation better through some arrangements so that they are ready when the storm comes back on Friday. This twister is expected to cause more destruction in the coming days. More thunderstorms are expected across Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. Many people who have already lost their kith and kin are living in a state of fear.

These kind of situations cannot be avoided but the aftereffects can be taken care of by temporary health insurance in the absence of a permanent one. The plan provides coverage for unexpected injuries or illnesses. It usually covers hospitalization, tests, clinic visits, transplants and repatriation. However the coverage for pre-existing conditions does not exist.

Nowadays living a life void of any health insurance is like being handicapped. If you are not protected by any group health insurance or any form of insurance, you should really consider the option of applying for short term health insurance in VA if you reside in Virginia. Otherwise staying unproteced puts your whole family at the risk of expenditure due to sickness.

The death of 14-year old Ashley Long due to helium inhalation proves the importance of an insurance. She had informed her parents that she would be off to slumber party for the night. But instead, she travelled in a car with her friends and was enjoying a party with booze and marijuana. The group went a step further inhaling helium to sound funny. When it was Ashley’s turn, the gas made her unconscious and finally she died in the hospital.

Had Ashley been careful, she would not have died. Or if she had got the right kind of treatment on time, she would have been saved. All of the above will incur medical expenses which can be handled easily if one possesses a short term health insurance in VA being a resident of Virginia. This insurance is ideal for people who are in their waiting period of procuring a permanent health insurance. It offers two plans namely assurant health short term insurance and HPA secure short term medical insurance. The former is ideal for people waiting for employer group coverage and the latter provides you and your family a comfortable medical coverage for as long as you have subscribed.

With the flu season in full swing, though it has started late, is definitely to be faced and fought against. The reign of flu that usually starts in December or January and ends during late February has entered late this year. The reason for the same is unknown. Probably the climatic or other factors are responsible for the same. Whatever the reason, are you prepared financially to face all of this? To be more clear, do you possess some form of health insurance or are you in the investigation stage of choosing the right insurance or are you in the transition stage of moving from one health insurance to another or seeking a substitute for COBRA? If you fall under any of the above categories and do not possess any health insurance at present, you should really consider the alternatives to COBRA insurance.

When you possess this insurance, you can breathe easily, relax, investigate and then choose an appropriate health insurance on a long term basis. Some people do not feel the need of the features offered by COBRA and would seek an insurance tailor-made to their needs. For such people, the alternatives to COBRA insurance serve as the best. This helps the individuals whose general health is good. It also helps them strike a balance between premiums and benefits.

At every point in life, nature teaches just one lesson - “Always expect the unexpected”. This is a reason good enough to stress on the point that we should always possess an insurance to take care of sudden health expenses. If you are not covered under any such insurance and are exploring various options available in the market, avail a short term health insurance till such time. So until the time you decide on a long term plan, you still stay protected.

Recently I read a news about a family that was rescued from Pacific ocean after their boat capsized. The family which had a father with his two sons lost all hopes of getting back alive. Just as they were about to be rescued, the bigger ship capsized the smaller boat throwing the trio into the mighty ocean. Though the rescue crew could get hold of one of the sons, the other two were being washed away beyond their reach. Inspite of the worse climatic conditions, the crew rescued the other two with great difficulty.

If we were to become a part of such an incident, it causes lot of mental stress and might require medical attention. It might even cost a fortune depending on the intensity of shock. So it is better to possess a short term health insurance rather than not possessing any health insurance. This insurance can be availed by anyone who is under 64 years and do not possess any kind of coverage. This insurance also provides coverage for the spouse and dependents.

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