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  • Sunday, December 17, 2017

Malaria holds the world’s fifth position as a killer disease. This is an infectious disease caused by mosquito in humans and animals. A simple mosquito bite can cost your life. This is why it is important that we don’t ignore it’s symptoms or a valid health insurance, one should always possess. If you are in your waiting period of a permanent health insurance,arrange to own a short term health insurance at the least. This is because if you are attacked by a disease during this waiting time, your future health insurance will not provide coverage. And it’s of no use regretting that you should have already arranged a temporary medical coverage.

The disease “Malaria” is caused by multiplication of Plasmodium parasites inside red blood cells(RBC), which is nothing but an army of soldiers that fight against bacterias and viruses entering the body. But since the RBC itself is targeted by these parasites, our body loses it’s immunity and becomes vulnerable.

There are five species of malaria, of which only one variety is fatal and can kill the infected. The symptoms include fever associated with headaches. Though medications are available, malarial deaths are still occuring. And the shocking news is that the malarial parasites are now becoming resistant to the most popular drug, “Artemether”, used for treating it. The findings reveal that this is caused by genetic mutations in the parasite transmitted by the infected mosquitos. This mutation develops resistance to the drug and threats the cure.

This disease will not just contain itself to it’s origin which is Sub-Saharan Africa but is expected to spread all around the world. Now that the drug is losing it’s power, researches are in full swing to find a more powerful drug. The treatment will also become costlier. Under these circumstances, one should not neglect the necessity of possessing atleast a short term health insurance. This insurance is most suited for those switching jobs or waiting for their permanent health insurance to take effect or on COBRA or fresh graduates. The coverage can be requested even for the whole family.

Nowadays to be diagnosed with cancer especially prostate cancer among men is like visiting a coffee shop to meet an old friend. Though it’s occurence is common like a fever or cold, the treatment associated with it will really cost a fortune. These kind of costly illnesses though believed to be rich people’s property, does not differentiate between rich and poor. This applies to any disease or disorder which is why you should always have your health covered under atleast temporary health insurance.

Even one of the world’s top billionaires, Mr. Warren Buffet has been diagnosed with Stage 1 Prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a cancer that develops in a gland called “prostate” in the male’s reproductive system. Most of these cancers develop only gradually though some are very aggressive. There are many factors that can be attributed to the cause of this cancer like genetic carryover and diet. This cancer usually occurs in men who are older than 50 years of age. The symptoms usually manifest in the form of difficulty in urination or sexual problems though many people do not have any kind of symptoms. This is usually treated through surgery or radiation therapy or hormonal therapy or chemotherapy.

Since prostate cancer is attacking men like fever or cold, it is imperative that we become conscious of how we should take care of our health. From our side we need to be conscious of our diet, go for regular health check-ups and most importantly possess a temporary health insurance if you do not have a permanent one. This insurance caters to people without any health coverage, people who are shifting jobs, people who are waiting for their permanent insurance etc. It provides coverage for any sudden sickness or injury. However the pre-existing conditions are not provided. The coverage is given for hospitalization, diagnostic tests, doctor clinic visits, organ transplants and repatriation.

Though cataract is now a commmon occurence among elderly age group, children are also prone to cataract. This tops the list of causes for blindness. This can happen to anyone and one should not regret later for not possessing a valid coverage for health. This is why short term health insurance provides time and opportunity for it’s customers to choose a long term coverage.

Cataract means developing a property of opaqueness by the natural eye lens thus deteriorating the vision resulting in blindness. This happens due to metabolic changes of the crystalline lens that loses it’s transparency. Surgical procedure for this replaces the natural lens with artificial intraocular lens thus restoring the vision. With recent advances in technology, this procedure is performed with minimal or no discomfort to the patient. The speedy recovery is also an additional tonic for patients. Minor care is only needed on the part of patients which is avoiding of any strenuous exercise that can increase blood pressure.

This disorder which is known to attack anyone irrespective of the age, is something that we should be wary of which is why one should always possess short term health insurance in the absence of other long term ones. Short term health insurance is an insurance for US residents below 64 years and best suited for people who are on job transitions or awaiting Medicare or fresh graduates. This provides coverage for spouse and dependants of the applicant also.  The only condition is that the applicant should not be sick at the time of applying.

Just when the US economy was sinking lower, it is suddenly surfacing with the generation of 200,000 jobs in March. Just at this time when the economy is picking up, you will have to decide on the health insurance if you don’t possess one. If you live in Texas and you require more time to decide on the long term plan, you can go for short term health insurance Texas so that you can have some breathing time to freeze in on an appropriate one.

It is forecasted that the job generation will steadily increase in the coming months and stabilise the economy. People will be happy to read the report by Labor Department. They need not count pennies and spend. The improving job market will have a positive impact on the President’s election to second term. And also the number of people claiming unemployment benefits has declined in the last few days which is a very good sign.

Now with increasing demand for workforce, people will get employed easily and will be able to afford insurance premiums. It is just that they have to choose the right plan to suit their requirements. Until then if you are a Texasian, you can consider going for short term health insurance Texas. This insurance is best suited for people who are on job transitions or laid off or a college student or a fresh graduate or waiting for their permanent health insurance to take effect. The companies offering this insurance are assurant health short term insurance and HPA secure short term medical insurance. Depending on your need, you can choose an appropriate plan.

The key to good health is a healthy diet and regular exercise. Like machines which are prone to repairs, our body is also prone to repairs in the form of sickness or injury. To service this and bring it back to normal, we visit a doctor who treats us. But the cost of living is increasing day by day. The medical expenses have become one of the costliest and in some cases have become unaffordable. To balance our expenses and reduce this burden, if you are a resident of Maryland, you should definitely own short term health insurance in MD.

Inspite of our good maintenance of health, certain factors are beyond our control. You might be blessed with a wonderful child who may at first seem normal. But as days pass by, you may find him/her a special child with hyperactivity or autism. The US health officials have released a report that there is an increase in the number of cases of autism. They also admitted that this may be due to advances in technology which diagnoses better and reveal the true figures. But this is just a possibility and not a proven fact.

Being a Marylander, if you do not possess a health insurance for you and your family, better consider possessing short term health insurance in MD until you decide on a long term insurance. This insurance has two plans - assurant health short term insurance and HPA secure short term medical insurance. The former is suitable for individual coverage and the latter covers the whole family. The latter is extremely useful if your child needs to be treated for such disorders but it is valid only if the condition has not been deducted prior to availing this insurance.

Though times are changing now, the problem of racism still exists here and there. The news about a Mississippi teen getting a life prison sentence for running over a man just because he had a black-colored skin is really cruel. If you do not possess any health insurance and get victimised by such occurences, it is your family which will suffer ultimately. So until you freeze on some long time health coverage plan, buy yourself a temporary health insurance.

In this modern world, though we boast of no differences among human beings, discrimination based on skin color is discreetly happening. The myth about the superiority of white skin and the inferiority of dark skin is common among people. Infact the dark skin is much healthier than the white skin since the high melanin content of dark skin protects the skin from the excess UV rays of the sun. Without realising the truth behind, people develop hatred against their fellow human beings and attack each other.

If we have to survive safely in this world, we need to be careful about our existence. In addition to this, we have to ensure the safety of our health with temporary health insurance until the permanent one arrives. This insurance covers all the unexpected illnesses and injuries. However the existing health conditions or vision or dental coverage is not provided.

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