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  • Sunday, December 17, 2017

Due to recent advances in medical field, organ transplant has become possible to patients with organ failure. In earlier times, this was not discovered and many people had died or suffered from kidney failure or arthritis problems or many other organ failures. This surgery has brought about a lot of changes in patients’ lives and has lit their life with good health and hopes. The organ transplants though becoming common, definitely costs a fortune. If you are on a break in your career, it is safe to possess a health insurance for unemployed so that you need not evacuate your money fully or end up in debt if you get victimized.

Organ transplant means replacing a damaged organ of a patient with a healthy organ of a donor. This donor may be a living person or a dead one. So far, as per the latest development in medical field, the organs that can be transplanted are heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, intestine, pancreas and thymus. Of all the above, kidney is the most widely transplanted organ. Tissue transplantation is also being done for bones, tendons, cornea, skin, heart valves and veins. Among the above, cornea and musculoskeletal grafts are the widely transplanted tissues.

There are certain problems that exist during transplantation of organs and tissues. The body that is receiving the organ has to accept the donor organ failing which the transplanted organ should be removed immediately. This can be reduced by analysing the donor-recipient match and through the use of immuno-suppressant drugs. The medical team from Japan has now successfully created a fully functional human liver from stem cells. The scientists achieved this by transplanting induced pluripotent stem(iPS) cells into the body of a mouse which grew into a small working human liver. The iPS cells which can be extracted from human adults has the capacity to develop into any body tissue.

Certain organs like liver does not show any symptoms before it fails almost fully. Under these circumstances, doctors may advise liver transplantation depending on the condition of the patient. If you encounter any such situation while on a career break, you should not be stupefied as this can happen to anyone. Possessing a health insurance for unemployed is a wise option. This insurance can be taken for period of 1 month upto 1 year.

Will you be welcoming the idea of restricting the serving size of soda at restaurants? Well, this has been introduced in New York state by the Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. There are also ban on large servings of other sugary drinks. The intention behind this move is to control the problem of increasing obese population. Obesity brings with it a crowd of diseases and disorders. If you are on the obese side, but has not yet encountered any serious health issues, it means you have been lucky so far. In any case, you should be prepared for any kind of health issues. Ensure that you have some health coverage. If not, avail a temporary health insurance.

The restriction on serving size has angered some people as they feel that they have every right to choose what they want and what they do not.However this restriction is applicable only in restaurants, delis, sports arenas and movie theatres. And they can order another cup of drink if they want. The idea behind this is if we buy a larger serving, the tendency is to finish the cup though you do not really desire to. This makes the urge to drink more controllable. This ban is expected to get approved by Board of Health and will soon pick up in other states too.

The ban is applicable only to sweetened drinks with more calories. It will not be applicable to diet soda or any drink that has half milk or a milk substitute.Everyone should understand that this is being done for our good health. Becoming obese will only lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc. Any new move will initially face opposition but will eventually be accepted.

Meanwhile amidst all of this, obese people should concentrate on how they can reduce their weight. They should also fight against any health problems with a proper health insurance. If there is no health coverage available, they should think of getting atleast a temporary health insurance until they decide upon a long term one. The temporary health insurance covers all unexpected injuries or illnesses. However the pre-existing diseases or disorders are not covered. The coverage is given for hospitalization, lab tests, clinic visits, organ transplantation and repatriation.

Smoking is a deadly habit that haunts your life by rewarding you with a variety of health hazards. Though there are various forms of smoking, cigarettes are widely used for this purpose. Other forms include pipes, hookahs, vaporizers etc. The worse nightmare of this habit is that it not only affects the smoker but also those who are around getting exposed to this smoke. So how much ever you are careful about your health, your surroundings also matter. You should be ready to face the medical expenses arising out of these health related issues. If you are unemployed, you need to be more careful and more prepared with some health coverage all the time. If you do not possess any coverage, you can browse the net for health insurance quotes for unemployed and do the needful.

I had always wondered why people smoke inspite of all the ill-effects known to everyone. What starts as an element of fun ends up as addiction to many. Some people reward themselves with a smoke for having achieved something.Some smoke because they feel emotionally safe with the habit. Some think that it makes them appear stylish. What everyone forgets is that it is eating up every minute of your precious life and good health. However if this habit is stopped before it is too late or before it becomes an addiction, our body has the capability to repair itself to almost it’s original state. But how many realise this? They just postpone or take least notice until a big health crisis strikes them.

Let us take a quick tour of how many different types of attacks we can receive due to smoking. To start with, we can get mouth cancer. The tobacco in cigarettes causes bad breath, discoloration of teeth and it’s decay. As you progress downwards to your chest, the smoke attacks the bronchi lining rupturing it causing severe cough. Due to this bronchi becomes weak, thus becoming vulnerable to infections. Mucus secretion in lungs are also affected. Ground is set for receiving lung cancer. Next, it can attack your heart with a vengeance. Carbon monoxide reduces the blood oxygen and leads to cholesterol deposits on artery walls. Smoking also raises blood pressure and quickens blood clotting. All of these increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. Likewise smoking can cause cancer in throat, pancreas and bladder.

Why should we even think about the health hazards when we can choose the easiest route i.e., by quitting smoking? If you choose to continue with smoking lifestyle and if you are affected by any of the above, just remember that you will become dependent on others and have to live at other people’s mercy. There is nothing worser than this. So it is better to quit smoking and to stay away from people who smoke. As a precaution, you should possess some health coverage even if you are unemployed. If not, look for health insurance quotes for unemployed and buy the same so that you remain safe even financially.

Coping with spondylitis is the most challenging task in anyone’s life. I did not get to learn this until my friend was victimised by this dreadly thing. The symptoms are most obvious - back and neck pain. This condition develops due to inflammation in vertebral joints and comes to limelight only after full development. By then the pain that it imparts is substantial and difficult to deal with. My friend was in this stage and had started treatment. But what was thought out as an one-day affair kept extending. It started with doctor’s diagnosis, then some laboratory tests, then came physiotherapy everyday for some period and again to the doctor for evaluation. The bill amount was really huge and thankfully she possessed a short term medical insurance, which she had taken during the waiting period for a long term insurance.

Spondylitis starts with the pain usually focussed on the neck, shoulder and lower spine and the pain radiates downwards. It is usually caused due to excessive strain or wear and tear of your back due to ageing. There are three categories of spondylitis:
1. Cervical spondylitis that causes pain towards the back of the neck
2. Lumbar spondylistis that causes pain in the lumbar region
3. Ankylosing spondylitis that stiffens the neck, jaw, shoulders, hips and knees.
These conditions are usually treated with medication, physiotherapy, exercises and maintaining good postures. If any of these are ignored, then spondylitis will become a relentless enemy and come back with vigour. It is also said that Yoga treats spondylitis and cures it completely. But if these yoga exercises are done without professional guidance, it can worsen our condition.

My friend was diagnosed with cervical spondylitis. It started as a pain on the top of her arms and the lower arms became numb. We rushed to the hopital wherein she was diagnosed with cervical spondylitis. It came as a big shock for her as her job demanded a great deal of travel to meet her clients. Now she has to alter her jobstyle to suit her new life. But luckily she need not have to deal with financial crisis as her medical expenses were taken care of by short term medical insurance. This insurance is ideal for people who are in between job shifts or awaiting another medical insurance or on COBRA. This insurance provides coverage for individuals under 65 years and can be availed for the whole family.

With summer in full swing, youngsters crazy about becoming brown-skinned storm both natural and artificial tanning beds like beaches and indoor tanning salons. Little do they know that they are risking their skin by exposing it making it vulnerable for cancer attacks. The sunburn rate has raised in the recent years causing concern in health department. If this is going to continue, cancer clinics will become really crowded affecting the country in many different ways. However skin cancer will not affect these tanning freaks alone but can affect other people too which is why one should own a health coverage. If you are anot able to afford something costlier like COBRA, wouldn’t it be a blessing if there is an alternative available? Of course COBRA insurance alternatives are available.

The reason behind people getting affected by skin cancer are abound. Some of these reasons may be attributed to sales and marketing jobs that demand loads of travel or roaming around with friends for fun or due to people not using their sunscreen or ignoring to reapply after the day’s first application or genetic transmission of cancer cells. The white-skinned people are more prone to skin cancer. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of dark skinned people getting skin cancer. Only the probability is less in dark-skinned people.

At a younger age, people are attracted towards getting their skin tanned without realising the consequences. The sunburn caused at 18 years can manifest as cancer when you are 40. Precautions can be taken by avoiding the direct contact with sunlight from 10 AM to 4 PM, applying sunscreen while going out and reapplying it when the effect wears out. Though awareness are being created, only very few listen and take necessary steps. Others neglect it exposing our skin to the lethal enemy, the sun or the tanning clinics.

After reading the above information, as a wise person, I am sure that you will avoid taking any risk. But still it does not rule out the possibility totally as there are other factors like genetic transmissions or any other probable unknown reasons. So it is imperative that you should never live without a health coverage. If you are not able to afford something like COBRA, you can comfortably procure COBRA insurance alternatives. This insurance is ideal for someone who are laid off by employers who don’t offer Employee Group Health Insurance or COBRA. The coverage is available upto a period of a year.

Joblessness is the most pressing issue that is eating up country’s economy. But this April’s increase in hiring has reduced the wrinkles on the economy’s face. The wrinkles are not yet ironed out fully as this job production has still not lowered the country’s 8.2 percent unemployment. If you are the one who is falling under this unemployed category and do not possess any health coverage, you should immediately consider going for health insurance for unemployed.

The increase in employment is going to greatly benefit the country’s economy. The President also will benefit in the forthcoming elections. When Mr.Obama became the country’s President, unemployment was soaring at 10 percent. Then as winter approached, it stooped down to 9 percent and then settled down to a steady 8.2 percent. With economy picking up momentum, this is expected to reduce still further.

Remaining unemployed with a family to support is too risky and can leave you stranded on streets. Though jobs are generated gradually, the momentum of job generation is not lost. But you and your family should survive until you leave the jobless bunch. Only after you re-enter the arena of employed persons, you will be able to afford a long term health insurance and range of other comforts. Until then you should not remain disarmed as health problems can affect anyone irrespective of his social strata and financial status.

This is why you should have the shield of health insurance for unemployed. This insurance is ideal for people who are jobless and on a hunt for the same. The plans are flexible and are available for a period as low as 1 month or for as long as a year. The options for initial deduction range from $250 to $5000.These can be decided at the time of opting for a plan.

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