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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

All of us are aware that health is wealth. Nothing can compensate or replace good health. But since we are all mortals and are prone to all kinds of health issues as per the law of Nature, it is our duty to protect and maintain it without any compromise. There are huge changes occuring in our environment which is affecting an individual even if he is healthy. It’s impossible to escape from this but we can atleast insure our health against short term health insurance if there is no health coverage available.

Many skin problems has started affecting people in the recent times. One such skin condition is psoriasis which erupts as red, dry plaques of thickened skin. These plaques occur when our immune system misunderstands the skin cells as pathogens(i.e., as microorganisms like bacteria or virus). Though this is not contagious, it is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. The tendency of the skin to be affected by psoriasis is usually inherited in genes though not always. Infact no specific reason can be attributed to this occurence other than this. This disease usually affects the elbows, knees and scalp though severe cases will have their full body covered with these patches. The intensity of this disease can be controlled with certain medications. At present, this disease is non-curable. But researches are being carried out to find a permanent cure.

In some cases, the symptoms are so mild that it is not even identified as psoriasis. Though not a sure occurence, there is a possibility that this will suddenly show up severely in the affected areas.A person who remains healthy cannot afford to take a risk of not possessing a health coverage. Such a person should atleast consider a short term health insurance until he is able to identify a long term one and go for it. This insurance is best suited for people who are waiting for a different health insurance to become active or on COBRA or waiting for Medicare or new graduates. It offers coverage against any unexpected illnesses or injuries.

The most common misconception among people is that Alzheimer’s can affect older generation only. Though the probability of occurence is more in older generation, even the younger lot have the probability of getting affected. The early onset is due to inherited gene mutations associated with this disease. This disease is the most common form of dementia. This can affect people of any age group and can progress to the level of affecting day-to-day activities. Considering this, it becomes inevitable to possess a health coverage at any point of time. Until the time you evaluate and arrive at a suitable best one, temporary health insurance can help you in providing coverage for a desired shorter duration.

To summarise what an Alzheimer’s disease means, it is a progressive brain disease which characterizes memory loss in addition to losing ability to reason out, plan or understand something. This disease progresses with age and make a person’s life difficut. However it is not necessary that every aged person develops this disease. A person with this disease has the probability of passing this on to his offsprings through genes. The symptoms associated with this disease are confusion, mood swings, trouble with the language and forgetting even the recent events. There are at present no treatment to stop or revert the disease. However the onset can be delayed by certain treatments.

Recent news has revealed a promising advancement in the research for Alzheimer’s. Scientists discovered a specific genetic mutation that acts as a protector from the disease and hence provided a clue to the mystery waiting to be unravelled. Since the Alzheimer’s population is growing at an alarming rate, scientists are seriously working on discovering the key to treating this. The discovered mutation “A673T” makes the protein involved in this disease less harmful, thus shielding the person from becoming a prey to this disease. For those lacking the mutation, the disease attacks.

The natural ways of preventing the disease are eating nutritious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables, eating omega-3 oil rich foods, eating less of sugary foods, maintaining a healthy body weight, challenging your brain everyday with a puzzle or learning something new everyday and coping with stress in an appropriate manner. In addition to this purchase your temporary health insurance so that you are immune even if affected by genetic inheritance. This insurance provides coverage for any sudden injuries or illnesses but does not cover the pre-existing conditions. The hospitalization expenses, diagnostic tests, clinic visits, organ transplantation and repatriation are covered by this insurance.

If we take a look at our life in recent years, lot of changes have occured in our usual climate system. Summers are horrendous with extreme heat. Wildfires are just propping out of nowhere. Oceans become angry and cause tsunami. Tremors and earthquakes are the common terms in the recent years. Scientists are even more seriously investigating on these changes. Most of the events are attributed to global warming. These symptoms of global warming cause mass destruction before it wanes away. In this era of uncertainty, we will have to be doubly protective of our health. We should be watchful of our health and devise ways to have a good treatment if we are affected. Good treatment is assured if we are covered by a good health insurance. If you are unable to work for some reason, then health insurance for unemployed is the best choice.

Though the experts had predicted that extreme weathers will occur, nobody imagined it to be this worse. A professor, Michael Oppenheimer from Princeton University has stated that this was just a window into what global warming would look like. If this is just a window, then it’s really frightening to even imagine how a life in a globally warmed earth would be.

It has been stated that there are about 10 causes and effects caused by global warming. To produce electricity, coal burning power plants are used which turn release enormous amount of carbon-di-oxide into our atmosphere. This is the first cause. The second cause is the burning of gasoline from our vehicles used for transportation which again emits carbon-di-oxide into our environment. Thirdly the methane emissions, due to bacteria breaking down the organic matter in oxygen-starved conditions, from intestines of herbivorous animals are a major threat to our atmosphere. The fourth cause is deforestation for want of fuel and other products. The fifth cause is using of pesticides and fertilizers above permitted levels.

The first effect of global warming would be a rise in sea levels which could eat up many nations. The second effect is occurence of severe storms. The third effect is some amount of failure in agriculture that will cause famine. The fourth effect would be the extinction of species. The fifth and final effect is complete wash-out of coral-reefs which helps in the survival of many of the ocean-species.If we do not rise up to the occasion and take necessary steps unitedly, our planet is sure to become extinct.

Though the effects have already started showing up in glimpses only, the way if affects our life has become unbearable. Atleast now we should preserve our environment though what has happened until now is irreversible. To save our health from any of it’s effects, we need to be sufficiently insured with health insurance for unemployed if we do not have a job. This offers coverage from a period of 1 month to 1 year.

Too much of talks are going around regarding the necessity of possessing a health coverage. The US President had proposed a law under his name “Obamacare” that will mandate every American to possess some form of health coverage. Even without taking this law into consideration, we as a responsible member of our family, should be all prepared monetarily, if we have to visit a doctor for some health reason. If you are still not prepared and have to investigate the different options available in the market, first buy short term health insurance and then start investigating.

This law was proposed with a good intention of making people realise the importance of possessing a health insurance. There are widespread ideas among people regarding health insurance. Some people think that their body is disease-proof or injury-proof and hence the need to buy health insurance is eliminated. Some others are scared to visit a doctor fearing that he might diagnose their sickness as some big disease which again eliminates the necessity of a health coverage. Some others are lazy to take steps to buy a coverage. Some others find themselves too busy to even think of a coverage. There are many such reasons behind people not possessing a health coverage.

To make this people see reason and understand the importance, this law was proposed and the Supreme Court has upheld the mandate as a tax. As per this law, anyone who does not have a health coverage will be paying 1% of their income to IRS in addition to their regular taxes. Probably the justification would be if a person is able to pay a doctor instantly, he is rich enough to contribute to the Government too so that the weaker sections in society that are in bad financial state can be taken care of. This will atleast make people think that their health is of top priority and taking care of the same is their duty.

So until the time a decision can be taken on which long term insurance to buy, short term health insurance can safeguard you and give you enough time to arrive at an appropriate insurance, best suited to your requirements. Any US citizens below 64 years can avail this insurance. It is most suitable for people who are switching jobs or waiting for their long term insurance or new graduates or on COBRA.

Menopause is an important transition in a woman’s life. A woman’s body underges a lot of changes and variations in hormone levels during this stage. The transition from menstrual cycle to menopause does not happen one fine day. It takes it’s own time to settle down. There are also many other health problems that comes as a bonus with this menopause. To treat these problems, you might need to visit hopital frequently. At this point of time, you will really bless your stars if you have COBRA or a good health coverage that takes care of all your medical expenses. If you are nearing menopause stage and do no possess any of these coverage, you should immediately consider purchasing COBRA insurance alternatives.

Menopause is a stage that marks the end of menstrual period for a woman. This can be determined when a woman stops menstruating continously for 12 months. This happens due to ageing of ovaries that will cause estrogen reduction and fluctuations in other hormones. This usually occurs for women in the agegroup of around 45 to 50 years. Before the onset of menopause, there is a stage called “perimenopause” that shows many erratic fluctuations in estrogen levels. Though fertility is usually low, a woman can conceive during this period.

There are many symptoms of menopause like mood swings, disturbed sleep, irregular menstruation and vaginal dryness. If left unattended, these can affect your normal life to the extent of requiring medical help in some cases. While a woman is undergoing this phase, it is good to visit a gynaecologist for a thorough examination. Due to changing hormone levels, the body might not receive the necessary nutrients which can be compensated by certain medications advised by the doctor. In certain cases, these symptoms might mimic a menopause but can actually occur because of thyroid problems. Hence it is always advisable to consult a doctor before it is too late.

Apart from all of this, family support is extremely important for a woman to get past this stage smoothly. While psychological support can be provided by the family, financial support can be provided by COBRA insurance alternatives. This provides coverage upto an year and is much cheaper than COBRA.

Sometime back in 2006, a HIV infected person “Timothy Brown” also known as “Berlin Patient” was said to have been cured fully of HIV due to his bone marrow transplant for treatment of leukemia. This was considered a major breakthrough in medical history. Scientists rejoiced that they had cracked the hard shell. The transplants were from a donor with a genetic mutation that was naturally resistant to this virus. It is said that many Caucasian people have this kind of mutation. But suddenly the virus has surfaced again in the body of Timothy Brown. This means anything that has been considered cured can return for a second innings. Man proposes and God disposes.So you should not slacken or overlook the need to have a temporary health insurance at the least.

Human Immunodeficiency virus(HIV) is a virus that attacks the immunity system and weaken it. Getting infected with this leads to AIDS making human body vulnerable to all kinds of life-threatening infections and create a conducive environment for cancers. HIV transmissions occur mostly through sexual intercourse, blood transfusions, injection needles and from mother to baby during pregnancy. Nowadays there are more awareness programs to educate the people about how this can be prevented. Vaccinations are yet to be discovered for this deadly disease. However the course of this disease can be controlled to an extent with antiretroviral treatment.This is not only expensive but also has it’s side effects.

The demonic face of this disease was thought to have been conquered with the blood of Caucasian race. But now questions have started lingering in the minds of scientists due to the new development in Brown’s case. Investigations are on to prove the truth behind this confusion. As far as our standing goes, we need to be always in the safe territory. This can be achieved only if you possess a good health coverage that gives you maximum benefits at an economical cost. Until you find such an insurance, temporary health insurance can provide a better coverage. The plans cover you against any unexpected sickness or injuries. It does not provide coverage for existing conditions or preventive medications or vaccinations or vision or dental care. Otherwise it covers hospitalization, tests, clinic visits, organ transplants and repatriation.

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