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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

Short term health insurance is the type of insurance policy that provides full information on short term health insurance quotes, short term health insurance, short term health coverage, short term student health insurance among others. Short term health insurance policies are premeditated to tide common people through short lapses in medical insurance coverage. Short term health insurance is associated with international student health insurance.
On the other hand, short term health insurance policies will always cover hospital care, surgery, diagnostic tests, emergency services, follow-up office visits, prescription drugs and even mental health care. However, short term health insurance policy does not cover pre-existing conditions and routine preventative care.
It is a fact that some shift in lifestyle of international students like leaving home for the first time/between jobs and graduating from college, over and over again dictate a change in your health insurance coverage. Many health insurers provide short term health insurance policies for these situations, to fill the gaps between accustomed policies. For those who have just health coverage but are looking forward to getting new coverage within a year, short term health insurance policy is an ideal solution.
Interestingly, you can find a policy on health insurance that will cover you for up to 36 months, although most short term health insurance policies offer coverage from thirty days to six or twelve months. Short term health insurance policies are significantly cheap, compared to COBRA continuation coverage and other types of insurance. Many short term health insurance policies proffer coverage for a reduced amount of $100 per month. This is the more reason why a lot of people who lose their job-based insurance always go for short term policies instead of COBRA.
However, you have to study what you are getting for your money very well before making a decision to buy a short term health insurance policy. You will be paying for the majority of your medical bills out of pocket if you opt for a policy that cost just $50 in a month with a $3000 deductible per illness or injury. You will only be guarded by this type of policy if you suffered very costly illness or injury. Therefore, it is of great significance to study your policy papers very well and be aware of what your expected out-of-pocket expenses will be before making a decision.

Short term health insurance policies are temporary insurance benefits that are made available to people who need them. The market for short term health insurance policy generally includes those that are transitioning from an important event in their life to another. Therefore, as you will not want to buy anything without understanding the features and benefits fully, it is important for you to first consider appreciating short term health insurance basics if you really want to take advantage of the short term policy insurance cover.
Depending on individual needs, short term health insurance policy generally last for a period of one month to six months even though you can equally renew it to cover a total period of three years. Processing the application for short term health insurance policy takes a short time since the period is also short. For many insurance companies, it takes them just a day to process their clients’ applications for short term policy insurance because the process is easy and simple. You can use your credit card to settle the processing charges for short term policy insurance.
The details and basic information you should know concerning short term health insurance include the following;
1.  The fact is that, different kinds of people are in need of short term medical insurance and the relationship among these people is that all of them are on a sort of life transition. For example, those that are presently jobless need short term health insurance policy to cover them for the period they are out of job and still searching for one. Some other categories that need this kind of insurance policy are the newly hired employees, early retirees, new graduates and people who are waiting for their standard health insurance to be approved. You need a short term health insurance policy if you are among these people.
2.  The good news and interesting thing about short term health insurance policy is that, the premium is low since the short term policy insurance is for a temporary or short term purpose. There is the likelihood that the insurance policy holders will not get involved in an accident or fall sick within the short period of the cover.
3.  Furthermore, short term health insurance policy more often than not covers tests, hospital care, prescribed medicines, surgery, doctors’ visits and other mental care. Nevertheless, before you purchase short term policy insurance, make sure that you fully understand the coverage so that you do not end up with a short term policy insurance that you do not need.

Mosquitoes are prospering due to extreme heat conditions. This heat is so conducive that their life-cycle is quickened and speeds up their multiply. Of the various mosquito infections, West Nile is the one that has now started an outbreak across many states of US. Out of all the US states, Texas is the most affected. Almost half of the cases hail from Texas. If you are a Texasian without any health coverage, you should immmediately purchase one or get a short term health insurance in TX.

West Nile Virus or WNV is a virus found in tropical regions. It mainly affects the birds though it can affect other living beings. However the mosquitoes are the carriers of this virus if it has to affect humans. The virus has an incubation period of 2 to 8 days before it manifests it’s symptoms in the form of fever, headache, weakness, excessive sweating, joint pain or dizziness. Some experience symptoms of stomach infections with nausea and loss of appetite. Extreme cases go to the extent of reduced consciousness approaching an almost coma stage. No vaccines are available to prevent infections. The only way is to remain fully covered with light colored clothes and to apply the insect repellant cream on exposed areas. The treatments are also targeted for individual symptoms only.

To combat the spread of West Nile virus, Dallas has resorted to aerial spraying of insecticide. This outbreak is one of the nation’s worst one. It has killed 10 people and has infected around 230 more people who have fallen sick. Concerns have been raised about the action taken in Dallas since the insecticide is prevailing in the air and drifting down. But the Texas health department is backing Dallas efforts due to the severity of outbreak. Fears are being voiced about the effects, it can have on people living in the area. Some are really concerned that the chemicals used for insecticide might affect the pets and useful insects also.

Since the symptoms of getting affected by WNV is similar to that dengue, care has to be taken on the part of doctors to avoid misdiagnosis. If you live in Texas, take care to protect yourself with short term health insurance in TX in case of no other health coverage. The plans do not cover any pre-existing conditions. However it covers any sudden illness or injury. There are two types of plans available under this insurance - assurant health short term insurance and HPA secure short term medical insurance. Both the plans offer a temporary coverage.

Do you love skating? Well, it’s a thrilling sport which only some dare to try and pursue. Daring as it is, it is also risk-filled. Or do you play football or basketball? Even these are risk-filled. You might wonder why I am saying this. All the sport activities involve extensive use of our body. There are also other sports like tennis or badminton where we use our legs to run and play the game. More than a common man, people involved in sports are susceptible to leg injuries and sprain. During this kind of physical strain, if you possess golden rule short term health insurance plan, then the problem of financial worry is solved. You only have to deal with retrieving your health.

Involving in sports activities is a good exercise for our body. It also relaxes our mind from all tensions. But not all are interested in sports. Only some are interested in playing. Such people usually start at a very young age, while doing their schooling. Some even rise up in their quality of playing to the extent of participating in big events and go for championship. While this is the case, some leave this at a later stage for various reasons and settle down in life with a different career. Only some people pursue this as their career and excel.

Being a sportsperson, there are many tensions and risks involved. There are not only physical risks of getting hurt but also other problems. Nobody can forget what happened to the tennis champion, Monica Seles when she was at the peak of her career. She got stabbed at the back, which drastically affected her career. And can we forget the Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh who is undergoing treatment for cancer? While playing, it is possible that we get hurt or we get a sprain. Apart from this, as in above cases, there are other problems that might affect our physical fitness. Though we are doubly careful, these can happen. Sometimes it can even go to the extent of ending our career.

When you are caught in health problems such as these, plans like golden rule short term health insurance can give a helping hand as far as bill payments are concerned. You atleast need not deal with too many things at the same time. This insurance offers services for both individuals and families. Unlike many other insurance companies, this insurance offers timely claims without delays and the best of consumer service.

Drought and extreme heat conditions seems to have started affecting many parts of America causing water scarcity, food scarcity and dying of plants and trees. Rivers have dried up or left with very little water. People living in these parts are facing lot of difficulties in getting food for themselves as well as in getting fodder for their cattle. Even small ponds appear like a dug-up big hole. Under these circumstances, it is very difficult to lead a very healthy life. This necessitates the availability of atleast a temporary health insurance which can take care of their medical expenses thus reducing the financial load.

There are seven Illinois counties that have been designated as “extreme drought”. It is not only Illinois counties that have been struck with drought but also many other counties from different states that totals up the drought-struck states to 32. The cattle has started feeding on winter’s food. In addition to this, the fields have also been browned. Dust is also blowing with high speed making it difficult for the cattle to go for grazing. Also the lack of water availability has made life tougher for every living being in these areas. Water is unavailable even for everyday needs.

Extreme heat waves is killing the agricultural crops like corn which has started deteriorating everyday. The little crops that don’t die, have their fruits and vegetables rotting as soon as they get ripe. Due to this food has become really scarce. If food becomes scarce, then our body does not get sufficient nutrients that are due for the day. If this continues, our body becomes weak and susceptible to all sorts of infections due to loss of immunity.

In addition to importing food from other places which is naturally making food costlier, we also have to end up spending on medical treatments. It would be a blessing at this time if we have a medical coverage like temporary health insurance. This insurance provides coverage against any unexpected sickness or injury. However preventive care, vaccines, vision and dental coverage are not provided. It usually covers hospitalization, diagnostic tests, clinic visits, organ transplantation and repatriation if required.

Back Pain on the lower part of your hip is a frequently heard of term from people, mainly adults. This cannot be classified as disease but many people complain of it. It can occur due to various reasons like bad posture, insufficient calcium, pregnancy related complications etc. At some pint of life everyone, mostly women experience lower back pain. When this occurs, the pain does not go away by itself most of the times. We have to invariably visit the hospital to take a painkiller injection followed by physiotherapy treatment. If you are a person who cannot afford COBRA, you can go for COBRA insurance alternatives.

Most of the lower back pain cases are because of bad posture. Some people, when they work on their computer sit in the same position without moving. This causes stiffness in their back and they are unable to move after having sat in the same position. But after some time, they recover slowly and finally they forget the episode. But when this continues for days or even months, the lower back becomes more vulnerable to posture problems and end up in severe pain. It is only at this point of time, when it becomes severe, people approach a doctor for treatment.

While this is the case with the working crowd, the situation is different for pregnant women. A woman’s body undergoes lot of changes during pregnancy. There are hormonal changes, weight gain and the body demands more calcium to supplement those lost due to baby’s needs. More than 50% of women realize the need and take calcium suppplements as per doctor’s advice. Some women undergo uterus removal surgery and ignore the body’s need for external calcium supplement. Same thing happens during menopause. When the calcium supplement required by the body is ignored, body slowly loses calcium and end up with pain in the lower back, neck or in any other bone joints. In extreme cases, such people end up in osteoporosis which means that bones become brittle and easily breakable. The osteporosis is irreversible and no medications are available to revert the bones to their healthy state.

In some cases no reason can be attributed to the cause of back pain. This is why a health coverage is always required to meet the medical expenses. Those without a health coverage can consider COBRA insurance alternatives. People who are not under any form of health coverage by employers or COBRA are the right candidates for this insurance. This provides coverage upto a period of 1 year. The premiums are also very low as compared to COBRA.

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