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  • Sunday, December 17, 2017

The J-1 Visa is required by those that are taking part in the study-based and work exchange visitor programs and not those who are just on short term travel to the United States. J-1 Visa program permits applicants from foreign countries to study, teach, research or secure job training from a few weeks to quite a lot of years. For you to be eligible for J-1 Visa as individuals, you must have sufficient funds that will take care of your living expenses while in the United States together with all round-trip air travel as well as obligatory health insurance.
It should be noted however that each category of J-1 Visa program falls within the power of a supporting organization that is chosen by the US State Department. It is based on application and qualifications that these organizations endorse individual visa applicants.

There are different classes of J-1 Visa exchange programs which are grouped under academic, private and government sectors. Those in the grouping of the private sectors are; physicians taking part in US graduate medical education programs or training at recognized US schools of medicine, Au-pairs who are proficient in spoken English and within the age bracket of 18 and 26 years, Camp counselors, high school students of 15 to 18 years of age.

Others are Trainees that must possess a professional certificate or degree with five years working experience outside the United States in an occupational field where they are seeking training, summer work i.e. international college students that enter the US for travel or summer work, teachers who must secure teaching appointment in an accredited secondary or primary school in the US and interns who are enrolled in and pursuing studies in any academic institution outside the US currently.

The government and academic sectors are the other types and they include international visitors who are chosen by the State Department, Government Visitors that are chosen by local, state and federal agency, short term scholars, research scholars or professors, and specialists who are professional in a field of special skills or knowledge as well as college students.

It is imperative that each foreign national must be sponsored by a government certified sponsoring organization in order to be eligible for J-1 Visa. On this note, the Certificate of Eligibility necessary for a J-1 Visa Status can only be issued by the State Department nominated sponsors. Sponsoring organizations select potential visitors based on exceptional criteria after screening. All detailed information concerning each sponsor is inputted into an internet catalog known as SEVIS. It is the SEVIS that scrutinize and track each sponsor and the existing information on J-1 Visa holders.

Finally, all holders of J-1 Visa are permitted to stay in the United States of America until the end of their exchange program as determined by the explicit J-1 group in which the exchange visitor is allowed to US. However, with J-1 Visa, you can stay in the US for a 30-day grace period at the end of your program, after when you are expected to return back to your home country.

As the name suggests, short term health insurance plan is for a shorter period of time. For the fact that short term health insurance features consider what is possible in a shorter period of time, it lacks the exhaustive capacity of the normal health insurance plan. Consequently, short term health insurance is more of a last resort when somebody is losing the health insurance provided by the employer, being fired or switching jobs. On the other hand, it is a safety net in case of an unforeseen illness or accident that might require high medical cost but it rarely covers the actual medical problems.
So many other shortcomings are associated with short term health insurance policy. These shortcomings will be examined in this article.
Minor Health Issues are not covered
To go straight to the point, short term health insurance plan does not cover minor health problems like dental problems, vision etc. Equally, it is not suitable if a person is considering it for a period that is not more than a quarter of a year as it is impossible to survive six months in a year without facing any minor health problem. When this happens, you have to pay from your pocket despite making monthly payments for health insurance.
Disqualification for HIPAA Plans
If you take out short term health insurance plan, you automatically become ineligible for HIPAA plan. Therefore, you should think twice if you want to purchase short term health insurance plan. Getting insurance might become very difficult if you buy short term health insurance and you have existing medical conditions. In this case, you will benefit from HIPAA plans that are more expensive than the standard health insurance plan.
Maximum Time Period and Renewal
You might not be permitted to renew your short term health insurance plan. However, you are allowed to renew for a maximum of one or two times with some short term health insurance policies.
Does not Provide Standard Coverage for Prevention
Furthermore, short term health insurance does not cover the costs of consulting a doctor, preventive care, immunization, physicals, dressing and pre-existing medical problems including those that have taken diagnosis and treatment in the last 3 to 5 years.
Finally, I will say that short term health insurance plan is just a stop gap solution that has a lot of shortcomings to be considered for the long term.

Are you one of those people that are not covered by any type of health insurance plan but looking to get one within a short while? Short term health insurance is considered the right option for you. It is recommended because it ensures continuous health care coverage for any individual, which is essential to have, even though it is not considered as a permanent fix to one’s health care requirements.


Although there are some short term health insurance providers that extend the policy for up to a period of three years, the coverage of short term health insurance is from as short as one month to one full year. Furthermore, short term health insurance package is usually designed to suit the needs of those who change their health care policies always, particularly the college graduates that are no longer qualified under their parent’s health care policies. On the other hand, for those that are looking for a new job after being laid off, having short term health insurance for health reasons is also perfect.

The Requirements for Eligibility

As far as short term health insurance policy is concerned, if you are 64 years of age and below, you are qualified, apart from the fact that good health is also mandatory for those willing to get temporary insurance. However, the coverage may be extended to full time students below 25 years of age as well as dependents who are 19 years of age and below.


After the specified period on the policy, short term health insurance cover terminates. By and large, these plans are not renewable and for this reason, the policy holder should be able to discover a long-term health care insurance. The health care insurance companies that offer temporary insurance equally offer long-term policies. As a rule of thumb therefore, those who need coverage for a period that is more than six months should think of getting a long-term health insurance instead of temporary health insurance package.

As applying for temporary insurance with lower deductibles spares policy holders of incurring additional costs, it may mean having higher premiums. For example, a deductible of $2000 implies that not until the initial $2000 has been exhausted, the insurance policy will not be paying for costs. However, the policy holder will have fewer expenses to shoulder if a lower deductible like $1000 was availed.
Shopping for Options that are Affordable

It is imperative that you make necessary findings and enquiries on the inclusions of cheap health insurance plan before choosing short term health insurance policy. Usually, except for vision care, pregnancy and preventive care, short term health insurance plans covers everything that a traditional health care insurance has. Consequently, shopping around for affordable options or cheap quotes will assist you in getting inexpensive temporary insurance coverage.


The fact that Short term health insurance costs less does not mean that it is a scam. Categorically, short term health insurance is not a scam at all as believed by so many people. A lot of these people have concluded that there is no way this temporary health insurance plan can be genuine as it cost so much less. However, when people are considering a temporary medical policy and they are not sure about it, the main thing they ought to do is to contact the state’s department, for detailed information about the company offering the policies. This is because any reputable company would have gone through the approval process to ensure compliance with all regulations and rules that every insurance plan must go through.
The fact is that when some people have been offered COBRA from the job they have just left, they shop for short term health insurance. In the main time, people need every penny to go to necessities of living when they are between jobs.  As a result, these people panic and look for alternatives, when they get a COBRA bill.
A lot of standard insurance plans are good, except that they necessitate much more intrusive medical history examinations compared to temporary plans. At times, you have to give the insurance company your doctor’s records when you apply for regular insurance plan. In some other occasions, the company needs a nurse to manage a physical before they issue the short term health insurance policy.
Consequently, people that apply for short term health insurance plans only need to answer a few either Yes or No health questions. In view of the fact that most people are conversant with the procedure of getting insurance, they do not believe that the questions are just enough for the real insurance and more reason why they think that short term health insurance is a scam.
On a final note, short term health insurance is not really a scam, but people believe that for the fact that it is generally less expensive or cheap and easy to get than other policies, it is a scam. The plans are regulated through the department of insurance in each state like any other medical insurance product you can lay your hands on despite the fact that short term health insurance policy is not premeditated for every situation. Hence, short term health insurance policy is not a scam if anybody requires coverage for a short period of time to bridge a gap between coverage. It is hereby suggested that you check online for more information answer to, “is short term health insurance really a scam”?

Short term health insurance is the type of insurance taking for a short period of two days to six months with the ability of getting it renewed for up to the period of 3 years. The lots of these short term health insurance plans are meant for those people who are below 69 or 74 even though more expensive plans are available for the category of elderly adults. The short term health insurance benefits cover up to one million dollars as well as pre-existing condition benefits.
Travelling abroad without adequate insurance is like taking a huge risk if something unusual should happen. As a matter of fact, you will pay medical bills through your nose if you travel abroad uninsured and sustain injury or fall ill. Many people are not aware of the real cost of medical care because the majority of the medical expenses have been covered by health insurance. You must note that your domestic health insurance is practically useless when you travel abroad as you will solely be responsible for paying for the whole cost of medical care. In the same vein, any accident or illness in the course of a trip could make the traveler return back home with onerous amount of medical debt.
This is the more reason why it is important for visitors on a short stay or visit to have the short term health insurance policy. There are diverse reasonable policies that will give visitors peace of mind when they travel abroad. For the fact that short term health insurance policies are designed to cater for the need of the travelers on brief visit abroad, it gives them the opportunity to choose the deductible, amount of coverage as well as many other options necessary for their individualized plan, irrespective of the country the traveler is coming from. There is always short term health insurance for all people.
Therefore, if you want to pay a short visit of between two days and six months, it is of greatest importance that you obtain short term health insurance policy. For you to achieve the best, you must get the service of a reputable organization through adequate reviews, homework and customer testimonials. You must also identify the company that specializes in health insurance products including short term health insurance.

The reason for the popularity of short term health insurance is that they are less expensive than their alternative. More often than not, clients seek short term insurance when they have been shocked by high medical bills. Hence, short term health insurance can be an appropriate solution for many people, but provisional medical plans are not good for everyone.
First and foremost, provisional health insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions and it is only OK for healthy people. Nevertheless, there might be some other plans that might be better for someone with a chronic condition.  Every now and then, people search for health insurance when they get sick or when something happens to their health.
However, based on the medical questionnaire, the person might qualify for insurance, but the injury will not be covered if the policyholder was injured prior to taking out the policy. Consequently, if you get sick or injured without short term health insurance, do not purchase the plan and expect it to pay for you.
On the other hand, if you take expensive medications, short term health insurance might not be right for you as the policy does not have copayments for prescription drugs. Nevertheless, there might be alternative option better than short term health insurance plan on monthly basis if you are on maintenance drug that is expensive.
Preventive care is another limitation of short term health insurance cover. Preventive care for an annual physical is included in most benefit packages. New injuries and illnesses will only be covered by short term health insurance. Nonetheless, if you pay out of your pocket, annual physicals and other tests will be viable. You can also be rest assured that other programs are equally available if this is a concern.
The reason why temporary insurance plans are popular is that they are very expensive. However, if you are faced with an increased monthly premium, you will save much money with the temporary plans while you will also benefit if you need instant coverage. Nevertheless, if you buy short term health insurance, know the limitations of the benefits.

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