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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

. When your business suddenly experience financial crisis, the waiting period for loan approval is the worst thing you can have to deal with this unpalatable situation. However, the best solution is the quick cash access to collateral free short term unsecured loans. Luckily, with collateral free short term unsecured loan, you can get the loan approved. In less than 24 hours, you will access the crucial fund and get the loan with no collateral provided. What is more!

Collateral free short term loan has two great benefits. These are; you will not lose an item of worth due to a missed payment and you need no desperate rush to search for something to use as collateral. Nevertheless, the key basis of approval on this short term unsecured loan depends on your ability to pay back the loan directly from a paycheck.

When there is financial crisis or emergency, fast access to cash is very important. Nevertheless, the strict criteria to be fulfilled to obtain this loan even if fast approval is promised is the predicament of getting a short term unsecured loan.

It means it is compulsory to obtain approval without collateral when financing is unsecured. This simply implies that, to recoup their investments, lenders can only rely on the income of the applicant. This is the more reason why you need to prove that you have held steady employment for at least 90 days prior to filing application for short term unsecured loan.

Moreover, you are required to provide the lender with your checking account details. This account must have also been held for a minimum of 90 days. This condition or criteria is of great advantage to both the lender and the borrower as the fund can be transferred directly to the borrower’s account after approval, likewise the repayment to the borrowers account. It is also mandatory for you to provide information concerning your nationality, age or visa status.

As mentioned earlier, fast processing is one great advantage of obtaining short term unsecured loan. However, it is quite imperative to choose the terms of the loan carefully when you are completing the online application form. Interestingly, the forms are not difficult to fill out for the most part but a number of preferences you entered can affect the repayment terms directly.

Not over-extending your debt is the secret to getting approval with no collateral short term loan. Consequently, be sure you click the minimum amount needed when asked to choose the required amount and the repayment period of completing the loan, bearing in mind the interest rate. A short term repayment can make like difficult if the interest rate is high. Therefore, be careful!

For smaller sums of $100 to $1,000, a collateral free short term unsecured loan is the best. The interest rate is based on payback period. Nevertheless, the longer the payback period, the more interest you will pay on the loan. Remember that there can be strict punishments for late repayments.

When it comes to investing in the short term, there are many short term investment opportunities available for your business, irrespective of the size. Luckily, these options will guarantee you good returns without doubt. However, identifying a suitable option with maximum benefits and minimum risks benefits is where the challenge lies. Nevertheless, the choice of a short term investment alternative is generally determined by liquidity, liquidity situation and the willingness of every individual to take risks. This article will identify 3 top short term investment opportunities for your business.

The Money Market Accounts

Money Market Accounts are savings account types that are provided by the banks and credit unions. Based on the current market interest rates, these accounts pay a higher rate of interest and also require a higher minimum balance. If you fail to maintain the required minimum balance at any point in time, you will be penalized by paying some additional charges. Also, with these account, you can write up to three checks in a particular month. With various restrictions that are mostly high charges if an individual makes more withdrawals than expected, withdrawal to third parties are limited to six transactions only.


The micro-loan programs make the provision of small loans accessible to individuals that don’t have the financial support or collateral to obtain loans from banks as well as other lending institutions that will need collateral. In this case, investors always give their money out to the ordinary lenders that are knowledgeable in lending and management. Furthermore, these lenders are ever ready to provide technical assistance to borrowers. Microloans can be a great short term investment idea and the maximum term is 6 years at the interest rate of approximately 8 to 13 percent.

Investing in Options

Options are derivatives or investments and value of the underlying investment is what determines their total value. However, most of the options are secured by stocks. On the other hand, you can use commodities and indexes as underlying securities. With the stock options, you have the right to buy or sell shares or stock at a particular price as an investor, but with expiration date. If you want to invest in options therefore, you must be knowledgeable in financial markets in order for you to be able to forecast stock movement as well as the time to buy or sell.


Short term health insurance is not designed to offer you long term medical benefits unlike other standard types of insurance policies. As far as short term health insurance cover is concerned, it is just a temporary solution to your insurance problem, pending when you will get more permanent solution.

However, short term health insurance policy is meant for all individuals who are between jobs or in a transition. For instance, somebody who might be in need of short term health insurance could be a college graduate that can not qualify for student health policy and longer but needs to look for something short term or temporary, prior to the the time he or she will get a job and be in a better position to obtain a standard individual health insurance plan.

Furthermore, someone who is between jobs that requires medical coverage is another example of short term health insurance. It is quite possible for you to have seen the short term health insurance policies provided by some temporary employment services. Due to the fact that these policies are short term coverage, the premiums are taken out of every paycheck. This is the type of coverage that is very costly and may not offer most favorable coverage similar to a standard individual health insurance policy.

Therefore, you should begin by getting a free individual health insurance quotes online, if you are in a temporary situation and you are in need of short term health insurance cover. This will give you a universal inspiration of how much money you will be looking to pay out each month and equally offer you a few dissimilar policy options that you can put side by side before you eventually choose the option of buying.

Short term health insurance policy is the type of cover that is designed for individuals who are in a transition or between jobs and it is not meant to provide you long term benefits compared to any other standard type of insurance cover. If you are in need of short term health insurance policy, start by getting free individual health insurance online.

It is an attractive adventure for you as a home owner to rent out your home on a short term agreement. You can let your home out for political conventions, Super Bowl and other events of great magnitude. Interestingly, there are a lot of reputable companies that help in renting properties and managing such short term transactions as well. However, if you decide to do it yourself, the basis is for you to treat a short term rental as a long term one.

With the improved access to consumer data nowadays, it is very easy to do criminal investigations, tenant credit checks, as well as tenant screening in particular. In other words, you don’t require private investigators who will charge you exorbitant fees to carry out these investigations any longer as there are companies of repute online to render the service for a small monetary consideration.

I am amazed at how many landlords are still not screening their short term rentals, as I have being in the tenant screening industry for some years now. Compared to the peace of mind you will get when you realize that your property is being rented by a responsible individual, an online criminal and credit check is relatively not expensive.

Engaging the service of reputable companies to carry out investigations for a small amount of money will eliminate the scam stories of some tenants, which may include saying they have rented the property for a month with the alternative to extend the tenancy for two months more. Once they move into the apartment, they will start listing out what they feel that was not good about the unit, some of which may be ridiculous while some may be legitimate. All these must have been sorted out with the private investigators.

Although the screening of your tenants could be done by you, you must remember to treat the short term rental as a long term one. However, there are private investigators out there on the internet that will offer you excellent service at affordable fee. Just check online for these reputable companies through testimonials and reviews of other people.

Short term health insurance policies are temporary insurance benefits that are made available to people who need them. The market for short term health insurance policy generally includes those that are transitioning from an important event in their life to another. Therefore, as you will not want to buy anything without understanding the features and benefits fully, it is important for you to first consider appreciating short term health insurance basics if you really want to take advantage of the short term policy insurance cover.

Depending on individual needs, short term health insurance policy generally last for a period of one month to six months even though you can equally renew it to cover a total period of three years. Processing the application for short term health insurance policy takes a short time since the period is also short. For many insurance companies, it takes them just a day to process their clients’ applications for short term policy insurance because the process is easy and simple. You can use your credit card to settle the processing charges for short term policy insurance.

The details and basic information you should know concerning short term health insurance include the following;

1.  The fact is that, different kinds of people are in need of short term medical insurance and the relationship among these people is that all of them are on a sort of life transition. For example, those that are presently jobless need short term health insurance policy to cover them for the period they are out of job and still searching for one. Some other categories that need this kind of insurance policy are the newly hired employees, early retirees, new graduates and people who are waiting for their standard health insurance to be approved. You need a short term health insurance policy if you are among these people.

2.  The good news and interesting thing about short term health insurance policy is that, the premium is low since the short term policy insurance is for a temporary or short term purpose. There is the likelihood that the insurance policy holders will not get involved in an accident or fall sick within the short period of the cover.

3.  Furthermore, short term health insurance policy more often than not covers tests, hospital care, prescribed medicines, surgery, doctors’ visits and other mental care. Nevertheless, before you purchase short term policy insurance, make sure that you fully understand the coverage so that you do not end up with a short term policy insurance that you do not need.


If you want to obtain loan that will not put you under in bondage for many years, opt for short term loan that will allow you to pay back and be free from debt in a shorter duration of time. This is the to the fact that longer duration loan attracts interest payments spread over the most part of your business life span which becomes burden to your entire limited finances and resources. You may also end up paying higher interest than what you initially envisaged at the time you obtain such loan.

One of the benefits of a short term loan is that you will be free from the burdens of the loan within a shorter period of time. Short term loans provide finance for the duration that suits your repaying ability as well as personal circumstances, even though the loan repayment duration will depend on the type of loan. Therefore, short term loan always come with the approval of short term repayment duration depending on the definition of short term on the loan agreement.

Another benefit of short term loan is that you can choose it based on your personal state of affairs to improve your credit score. For example, if you have a bad credit history, you can obtain a short term loan just for a few months with the target of improving your credit score within that period. As soon as you pay back the loan that few months, your credit score will improve considerably, which qualifies you to secure a new loan at lower interest rate if you so desire. On the other hand, if you have a weak financial position, short term loan will allow you to repay the small loan in a short period of time and ease your financial burden.

Paying less interest compared to what you will pay when you obtain a long term loan is another benefit of short term loans. The argument is that, though the lenders charge higher interest on short term loans, the truth is that at the end of the day, you will pay less interest as compared to long term loans which have lower interest rates but spread over longer period.

Identified above are the major benefits of short term loans to the borrower, while Finance companies, Banks and online lenders are source of short term loans.

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