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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

While most people were aware that the current economic climate was making it especially difficult for young people to find jobs, a recent report has revealed just how dire the situation is. If you are a young person who is affected by this problem,or you know a young person who is struggling to find full-time employment, you would be wise to explore the benefits of short term health insurance.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported last week that the unemployment rate for people between the ages of 16 and 24 reached an amazing 19.1%. This represents a record high for that metric.The Bureau has been tracking that figure since 1946.

If you are without a job and ineligible for an insurance plan provided by your family, then the high cost of medical care could create a real problem for you. Even though you are young and less likely to visit the hospital or doctor as often as an older person, scenarios may still arise which necessitate medical attention.

From serious problems like auto accidents to minor issues like visiting the doctor because of the flu, you can purchase short term health insurance and save money on your medical care needs. The investment in these plans is minimal, yet the benefits are large. Just because you are unemployed does not mean you should not have access to great medical treatment.
Short term health insurance is the perfect solution for anyone who is in professional transition. Whether you are looking for a job, starting a new job, or you have recently lost your old job, it can provide a cost effective way to maintain a valuable amount of healthcare coverage. How can you make sure you have the right amount of coverage for your needs? Perhaps the best way is to research plans online.

With just a quick search online you can find many different short term health insurance providers and policies. You can read specific details regarding what is and is not covered, and you can also view pricing information or request a quote online.

This way, you can quickly and easily compare multiple plans side-by-side. The benefit to doing so is that you can find the plan that not only offers the best price, but also offers the best amount of coverage specific to your needs. After all, getting the cheapest insurance does not help you if it does not cover everything you need it to.

Additionally, when researching online you can find opinions from others who have bought these plans. People are very willing to share their positive and negative experiences with plans online, and you can use that information to make your own purchase decision. Seeing that someone found a plan to be a good value may influence you to buy it, while seeing complaints may point you away from a certain policy.This type of research will leave you feeling more confident with your purchase.
Losing your job can be an extremely stressful experience. You will suddenly need to worry about how you will afford monthly mortgage payments, as well as credit cards, utilities, and other ongoing expenses. Additionally, your employer probably provided your family's health insurance plan, so losing your job has probably cost you this important benefit. Temporary health insurance provides a cost-effective way to maintain a sufficient level of coverage so that if an emergency occurs you will not be faced with extremely high bills.

However, it is important to note that while this type of insurance offers many great benefits at a reasonable price, it is not without limitations. For instance, if you are ill at the time you apply, you will likely not be able to obtain coverage. Additionally, wellness checkups (doctor's visits to make sure you are doing ok, and not necessitated by a specific illness) will not be covered under most temporary plans.

Other items that are typically not covered include preventative care, vision, and dental care. Vaccines also may not be covered. You will want to be sure to consult your plan's specific guidelines to get an official ruling on each of these items.

Temporary health insurance can be quite valuable to your family if you suddenly find yourself without a job. It can provide great emergency care at a rate lower than COBRA coverage. But you should realize at the time of applying it is designed more for emergency situations as opposed to "maintenance" medical needs.
Have you ever heard of short term health insurance and wondered who it was for and what it covered? Perhaps you have even wondered if it was something that would be a good fit for your situation. The truth is, at one point or another in their lives it will make sense for a large percentage of the population to look into this type of insurance.

People who have recently lost their jobs, or who have transitioned to a new company which does not yet provide a group health plan are excellent candidates for short term health insurance. This type of insurance will provide them and their families with affordable high-quality medical care in the event that they are between group plans. And they can purchase coverage only for the amount of time they need it. So once their next employer offers them coverage, they can migrate away from the short term plan.

Recent college grads are another ideal candidate for this type of policy. Today's job market is a difficult one to crack, and many students may take up to a year to find their first professional job. In the meantime, their parents' healthcare plan may no longer carry them, and any part time work they are doing likely will not come with benefits.Short term care is an inexpensive way to fill in the coverage gap.

Pretty much anyone who finds themselves needing temporary medical care that is both reliable and affordable should strongly consider investing in this type of insurance. The flexibility and high quality of short term care make it a simple solution while you wait for coverage at your next employer.
COBRA coverage has long been the best-known insurance option for people losing or leaving a job. This coverage is relatively easy to obtain, and since most human resources departments mention it during exit interviews and termination meetings, a lot of people think it is their only option. While it is certainly a convenient path for people to take, it can also be an unnecessarily expensive one. Short term health insurance offers significant cost savings over COBRA.

While COBRA care will allow you to maintain the same level of insurance coverage you had at your prior employer, including the cost savings of co-insurance rates, there are other new expenses which will come into play. For example, COBRA plans have very high administrative costs.

What does this mean? Well, while you may still pay the same low rate you are used to at the doctor's office, the fees you will pay for claims processing and other administrative items are so expensive they will negate your savings. You'll end up spending much more than you anticipated under these plans.

Short term health insurance is equally easy to buy, and it does not come with these annoying fees. You will enjoy savings at te time of your doctor's visit or hospital stay, and you will keep the money you saved where it belongs - in your pocket. Be sure that if you lose or leave your job, you explore all the available health insurance alternatives.
Finding that first job right out of college can be a difficult task. While some majors often lead to a more direct professional opportunity than others, the truth is that in today's economy no one has an easy time finding work. Without a job, you will also be without benefits, and that can lead to some difficult financial problems. Short term medical insurance is a great way for students to protect their finances while they seek a new job.

Since most people rely on group healthcare plans provided by employers to solve their insurance needs, not having a job can be a real problem. The cost of visiting a doctor or having a serious medical problem treated without medical insurance can be astronomical. For recent graduates that burden is especially difficult because they do not yet have any savings built up to provide for emergency expenses.

Short term health insurance provides a cost-effective way for these people to make sure they can get the medical care they need without incurring huge debt. Short term coverage will absorb the majority of your medical costs, leaving you to pay only a small amount.

Students can buy coverage for small increments of time, so they do not need to worry about being having their short term plan overlap with one provided by a new employer. After all, who wants to pay for two sets of coverage? It is this sort of flexibility that makes this insurance a great value for recent graduates.

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