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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

Do you need the benefits of Medicare, but you do not yet meet the age requirements? Do not think that all hope is lost, as there is an effective, affordable solution to your problem. With short term healthcare insurance, you can get the health benefits you need at a reasonable rate.

Medicare is an extremely valuable resource for U.S. citizens on fixed incomes. These people often have significant medical expenses. In fact, these expenses are often so significant that they exceed these citizens' monthly incomes. Things like frequent doctor's visits, hospitalizations, and prescription medication can get very expensive very quickly. Medicare helps offset those costs.

However, not all citizens can take advantage of Medicare's benefits. One must be 65 years old in order to qualify for this program. So if you are not that age, you cannot receive benefits even if you are in a difficult financial situation. Recent immigrants who are 65 also may not immediately be able to collect benefits.

For these people, short term health insurance makes perfect sense. It allows these citizens to get high quality healthcare at an affordable rate. The prescriptions, doctor's visits, and hospitalizations that can be covered by Medicare can also be covered by short term policies, and they are available to both recent immigrants and long-time citizens. And there is no age restriction for opting in! These plans offer people of all ages the flexibility to get affordable care prior to Medicare eligibility.
Many Arizona residents have found themselves without health insurance in the last few years for a variety of reasons. This can be an extremely difficult situation for an individual, and even worse for someone with a family. If you find yourself without insurance suddenly, you may be interested in short term health insurance.

One reason that many residents have lost insurance in the last few years is the difficulty economy. Rampant downsizing has cost many people their jobs, and most people rely on their employer to offer subsidized health insurance coverage. So for most people, losing their job means losing healthcare coverage for themselves and their entire family.

Another common reason for losing health insurance coverage is switching jobs. Many employers have 60-90 day windows during which a new hire is not covered. This is referred to as a probationary period, and employers use it so that in case a new hire does not work out in the organizational culture or in terms of performance, there is not the significant loss that comes with buying an employee's insurance policy. That makes perfect sense for employers, but it can be quite difficult on employees who need medical care during that probationary period.

If you find yourself in these situations, you may want to consider short term health insurance. It will offer you and your family medical care in the event of an emergency, and it does so at an affordable rate. In fact, the cost of short term plans is often less than other alternative coverage plans like COBRA. Additionally, you will appreciate the ability to buy coverage for only as long as you need. So when the probationary period is up, or you have found that great new job, you can cancel and use your new employer's plan.
Ever think that international travel insurance sounds like a great idea, but since you are only going on a brief vacation it would not make sense for you to invest in it? Fortunately, there is a plan available that provides the great coverage you are seeking but with a shorter commitment it is called short term travel insurance.

Are you only vacationing for a couple of weeks? No problem - short term travel insurance plans are available top people traveling as little as 5 days. This makes it an ideal solution for someone taking a summer vacation or a business traveler. You will be covered for many types of doctor visits, hospital care, prescriptions, and more.

On the other hand, these policies are also available for people staying abroad up to 3 years. Therefore, there is a great deal of flexibility involved in the term of these programs. Keep in mind though that if you are planning on using short term plans for a longer period of time, they typically do not cove preventative care. So you will only be covered in case of emergency.

Before making any purchase, you should carefully evaluate exactly what your needs are and what options are available to you. This way, you can make a wise investment by determining whether short term, long term, or a different type of insurance policy meets your unique situation.
When people lose their jobs, COBRA can be a really valuable asset to have on your side. Many people appreciate the convenience of this program. However, what you may not realize is that while this program is easy to sign up for and the benefits are attractive, the cost is often not.

You see, the way a COBRA policy works is that upon being terminated from your job, or when leaving voluntarily, you can opt into COBRA coverage. This will allow you to keep the same health insurance program that you had at your prior employer, which is very convenient.

However, this comes with a high cost. Your employer probably covers a pretty large percentage of the premium associated with your policy. So you are used to only paying the remaining amount, which is relatively affordable. But under a COBRA plan, you must now pay for the entire premium, which can cost upwards of one thousand dollars per month for a family. Short term health insurance provides an affordable alternative.

Under a short term health insurance plan, you can buy comparable coverage without such expensive premiums. So you can maintain the high level of coverage you need for your family and yourself, and do so without spending several times more than you paid while at your previous employer. If keeping costs reasonable while having access to great coverage matters to you, look into this smart solution,
If you do not currently have health insurance, or you are about to not have it because of a professional transition such as a pending layoff or starting a new job, then saving money is likely a huge priority for you. With that in mind, it may be hard for you to rationalize making payments out of your own pocket to buy insurance. However, short term health insurance can actually save you money.

It does so in three ways. First, you can buy it for only as long as you need it. So instead of buying a health insurance plan for a year when you only need something for the few months before your new employer will allow you on their insurance plan, you can purchase a shorter duration of coverage. So you will save money by not paying for two different plans once your new one kicks in.

Second, it is cheaper than other temporary insurance alternatives you will find on the market. For example, when most people are terminated from their jobs or leave voluntarily, their human resources department tells them about COBRA coverage. COBRA allows them to keep the same level of coverage they had before their job transition, however it comes at a much steeper price. Since you will be covering the amount of premium costs that your former employer used to cover, you will now be looking at anywhere from 4-10 times what you normally paid for insurance. Coverage for a family could skyrocket from a few hundred dollars per month to over a thousand!

Finally, short term health insurance saves you money when you actually use it. Without insurance, a simple visit to the doctor will cost you hundreds of dollars. Short term coverage can save you significant amounts on those visits as well as emergency services and additional hospital treatment.
Finding a new job can be a great feeling. Whether you have been unemployed and looking for that big break, or you have been dissatisfied at your current job and would like a fresh start with a new employer, a new job offers hope for a better future. At the same time, finding out that your new job offers a waiting period before insurance coverage kicks in can be a very deflating feeling. In these situations, short term health insurance offers a simple solution to your problem.

For a long time, many companies forced new hires to wait through a probationary period before they could become eligible for health insurance coverage. This could involve waiting anywhere from 30-90 days so that the employer could make a decision as to whether or not they would retain your services before making an investment in insuring you. That practice seemed to be on the decline, but with the economic difficulties of the past few years it seems to be on the rise once again.

While it is easy to understand how this makes fiscal sense for employers, it can be very trying for employees. After all, who wants to leave their family uninsured for months at a time? Thankfully, short term health insurance offers an affordable way to maintain a solid level of coverage without breaking the bank.

With short term plans, you can protect your family's basic health and emergency health needs while you wait for acceptance into your new insurance plan. Costs are relatively low, and you only need to buy a plan for the length of time you have to wait for your new policy to kick in. That way, you will not be paying for two sets of coverage at once. If you do find yourself sitting through a waiting period to get insurance at your new employer, check out the rates for short term.

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