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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Roger was taking his family to Europe for the Christmas holiday. Their trip would take them across several countries in Europe, allowing them to see some of the world's most popular cities and attractions. As he prepared everything the family would need for the trip, one of the first purchases he made was short term travel insurance.

Each of the countries the family would be visiting had different rules and regulations regarding health insurance coverage. And the group health plan that Roger's employer provided the family would not be accepted in any of them. Roger learned this while booking the trip with his travel agent, who informed him that they would essentially be uninsured for the duration of the trip if all they had was their current insurance plan.

This was of great concern to roger. Even though the chances of someone in the family getting sick or injured on the trip seemed unlikely, he knew it would just take one mishap to lead to a doctor's visit that would cost anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars in fees. That was an expense he did not have built into the family's vacation budget.

But through research, he found that short term travel insurance would offer his family coverage in every one of the countries they were going to visit. So even though he hoped they would never need to use it, he was happy to make a small investment in this type of coverage in order to get valuable peace of mind. He knew that if the family needed to use it, they'd save a significant amount of money, so they could focus on enjoying their trip instead of worrying about what problems might occur.
It is no secret that the United States has not been immune to the economic difficulties felt around the globe over the last few years. One of the states in the U.S. that has been hit hardest is California. This has left many California residents looking for a way to maintain healthcare for their families. Temporary health insurance has provided great benefits to many residents caught in this predicament..

As one of the U.S.'s most highly-populated states, California has naturally seen one of the highest unemployment rates. In October, it was reported that 12.4% of California residents were unemployed; the 3rd highest rate in the nation. For most Americans, health insurance is provided by their employer, so losing a job also means losing healthcare benefits. This has left many Californians scrambling for ways to affordably keep their family covered.

Temporary health insurance has provided the answer for a large number of these citizens. It offers affordable coverage for doctor's visits, hospitalizations, surgery, and more. It is designed for care that is absolutely medically necessary as opposed to providing checkups and general wellness visits, but that still provides a great deal of peace of mind for policyholders; especially those with families.

It offers lower premium payments than other alternatives like COBRA. And it can be purchased in very brief increments. That way, when you do get a new job and become eligible for a new group health insurance plan, you can cancel your temporary plan and you won't need to pay for two plans at once. It truly offers an affordable and convenient option for unemployed Californians.

Short term health insurance can be a great resource for people who need basic coverage at an affordable rate, but who are not in a position to commit to a lengthy coverage package. However, not everyone may obtain this type of coverage. Are you eligible? Here is some insight as to who can and cannot obtain coverage.

Are you 64 or older? If so, you will not be eligible for this type of insurance. Applicants under 64 years of age may apply. At 65 years of age, U.S. Residents may apply for Medicare coverage, which offers great healthcare plans at no charge.

Are you the spouse or dependent of someone applying for coverage? You are eligible for short term health insurance. These plans are able to offer coverage to families, which is especially important to anyone transitioning jobs who finds themselves without a group insurance plan.

Finally, another factor which may influence your eligibility is your health history. When applying, you will fill out a simple medical questionnaire. Depending on any historical red flags or preexisting conditions, you may not be eligible for coverage. Check with your potential plan provider to learn more about what health issues may exclude you from eligibility.

Short term health insurance makes for a wise investment for people in-between jobs or who are traveling to an international location for a brief period of time. However, like any type of insurance, it does have certain limitations. A key set of limitations to be aware of when buying a policy are preexisting conditions.

If you are not familiar with the term “preexisting conditions,” the concept is rather straightforward. If you already have an illness, disease, or injury prior to purchasing insurance, then the company issuing the insurance will consider those to be “preexisting conditions.” These will not be covered under your new policy. There are occasionally exceptions to this rule, and they will differ from policy to policy.

In the case of short term health insurance, preexisting condition limitations do apply. Exactly what types of health conditions are considered preexisting conditions and which ones will and will not be eligible for coverage varies according to the policy you purchase.

So what can you do about preexisting conditions? Your best bet is to carefully and completely read the details of any policy you are considering buying. This way, you can fully understand whether or not a condition you may have is covered. If you still do not understand, ask a representative from the provider you are buying from. And once you do understand what is and isn’t covered, be sure to declare all conditions upfront at the time of purchase.
Are you planning a trip abroad for a short period of time? You will need medical insurance in case something happens, but who wants to spend any more money than they have to? Short term health insurance offers a great way to protect yourself during your international trip while controlling your costs.

Even though you may be covered with a health insurance policy in your native country, that policy likely does not protect you while in other nations. Healthcare plans typically only apply to the countries in which they were issued. So if you become ill or injured while overseas, you will need to pay the entire cost of your medical care out of your own pocket.

But with a short term travel insurance plan, the bulk of those costs are absorbed, leaving you responsible only for a fraction of the charges. Plans are accepted in countries all over the world, so you do not need to worry about geographic limitations when using them.

You’ll also find these policies appealing because they can be purchased for as little as five days time. So you do not need to worry that you will be locked into a lengthy increment of coverage when you really only need a brief amount of time covered. This will save you a substantial amount of money, since you won’t have to pay for more days than you need. If you are looking for a flexible option that offers you great healthcare protection at an affordable rate, this coverage is definitely worth a look.
Are you considering short term health insurance because you are switching jobs, because you are out of work, because you are traveling, or for some other reason? If so, you’ve made a wise decision, and there are some things you will want to keep in mind when getting a quote for this type of coverage.

First of all, do you know how long you will need the coverage for? Some people buy short term plans because they have taken a new job which does not offer health coverage for a specific number of days. Those people then know they only need to buy their short term plan for that interval – 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or whatever it may be.

Next, think about how much of a deductible you want to pay in the event you actually need to use your plan. If you are buying this insurance because you’re between jobs, then your budget is probably pretty tight. In that case, you may want a higher deductible, because opting for a higher deductible will keep your payments lower. Think about what fits best for your budget and choose accordingly.

Finally, think about who all will need to be covered under the plan. Do you need to cover your entire family, or do they have alternate means of insurance? Perhaps your spouse can opt into their insurance plan. Explore these options to make sure you get the right coverage for your needs. Short term health insurance offers policyholders a lot of flexibility, but it is still a good idea to know ahead of time what terms of coverage you will need.

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