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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

Graduating from college is one of the most exciting events of your life. Opportunity and possibility await you, and you are anxious to see where your life is headed. Unfortunately these days, opportunity can be hard to come by and your looming possibility is working part time for a year or more while you look for a new job and wonder how you will afford basics like health care. If this sounds like the situation you are facing as a recent college grad in Minnesota, then short term health insurance is the solution for you.

January brings another group of college graduates into Minnesota job market. Sadly, it is a job market that is over-saturated with talented people. Economic woes across the U.S have left many qualified, educated people without jobs. Minnesota is no exception to this, and recent grads now often find themselves struggling against seasoned veterans who are competing for the same jobs as them.

That means your job hunt may take even longer, and life's necessities do not wait for you to find a job. Living with your parents or roommates may help keep you fed and sheltered while you look for ways to boost your income, but you will be too old for your parents' health insurance policy. How can you afford something as expensive as healthcare on a part-time salary?

Short term health insurance is the answer you have been looking for. It offers a cost-effective way to get the essential care you need. It can be purchased for brief periods of time, so when you do land that first job, you will not be locked into paying for 2 plans. And it offers you a variety of great services, including emergency room care and more. Don't let worries about health insurance distract you. Stay focused on your job search while knowing your health is in good hands.
2011 is around the corner, and for many people, the new start of a new year is taken quite literally as they find themselves starting out at new employers. To make sure that your fresh start is a good one, protect yourself and your family with short term medical insurance.

The turn of the calendar is always a good time for hiring. Many companies have new budgets available at the beginning of the year that they can use to expand their staff. In some instances, strong holiday revenues may help fund new positions within a company. And many workers use time off around the holidays to accelerate their job search. So in short, you have a blend of companies looking to hire and individuals with ample opportunity to pursue new positions,

Unfortunately, not every employer offers medical coverage upon hire. Many companies make their employees wait a probationary period that lasts anywhere from 30-90 days. This way, the company and employee can determine if the fit is right before the company makes a significant investment in health insurance. While this practice makes sense, it can be difficult on the employee, particularly when a family is involved as well. Not having health insurance available can be a frightening experience. This is where short term medical insurance proves its value.

With a short term plan, you can buy the insurance you need at an affordable cost, only for as long as you need it. This affordability and flexibility make short term coverage ideal for anyone transitioning jobs. and it helps make sure the new year and your new professional start get off to a wonderful beginning!
Having a strong health insurance policy is a primary concern for most American citizens. Being able to save money on the high cost of medical care, or simply knowing you have the ability to do so even if you never use it, is very important. However, there are a variety of circumstances in which Texas residents may not have the coverage they need. In those cases, short term health insurance provides the affordable care Texans seek.

Short term health insurance can be used by people who are between jobs, or who have taken a new job that does not immediately offer health care, or who are going on a trip to a location that their normal insurance policy does not cover. In each of these instances, not having health insurance can be a very dangerous risk.

Without insurance, even basic medical care can be quite expensive. Simple prescriptions could cost you hundreds of dollars, while complex procedures and long term hospital stays will easily cost you thousands. Therefore, the small investment required for short term coverage will easily pay for itself through savings.

Keep in mind this type of temporary coverage is not designed for preventative care or general wellness visits. However if you are looking for affordable protection for emergency situations for yourself and your family, short term works extremely well. It is easy to apply and purchase, and you need to only buy it for the duration of time which you need it. For example, if you buy it because you have lost your job, and then you get a new job a month later, you will not have been locked into a six month plan with five months of coverage you do not need.
Suddenly facing life without health insurance is a frightening proposition, but it is one that is faced more commonly by citizens around the world. On the surface COBRA coverage seems like a great solution to the problem. It offers the same high level of coverage you enjoyed at your prior job. However it also comes at a high cost, which makes short term health insurance a more attractive option.

With unemployment rates continuing to soar during the current global economic uncertainty, people are finding themselves without insurance because they have either lost their jobs or taken a new position which does not immediately offer health insurance. Simply going without coverage is not a viable option because of the high cost associated with even the most basic healthcare needs.

COBRA care providers great coverage and benefits to policyholders, but it comes with high administrative fees that cancel out any savings the policyholder was used to enjoying under their old plan. Plans have been reported to average as much as $1,000 per month for family coverage. If you have lost your job, you certainly do not have that sort of money to put towards COBRA each month.

Short term health insurance provides a much more cost effective solution. It offers a variety of coverage at a low premium rate. Policyholders also like it because it can be purchased only for the amount of time it is needed. For example, if someone has taken a new position that doesn’t offer insurance for 3 months, they can buy 3 months worth of coverage rather than being locked into a year’s worth and paying for 9 months they don’t need. This flexibility is part of what makes short term an attractive alternative to COBRA.
One of the biggest concerns facing families today is assuring their loved ones quality healthcare. No parent wants to think their child may not be able to get the best available treatment due to cost considerations, and no husband wants to believe his wife may not have access to the medical care she needs. But with elevated unemployment levels and economic difficulties, more families than ever before are looking for affordable temporary insurance options. Many are finding that the best way to obtain affordable care is through short term health insurance.

For most Americans, health insurance coverage comes from their employer. But with unemployment hovering in the double digits for some time now, more families than ever have no health coverage. Additionally, when many people find new jobs after being unemployed, or when they simply move on to a better job from their current one, they may be without insurance during an initial probationary period.

This can be extremely frightening and stressful. While your family may not need to visit the doctor or get emergency care during your period without insurance, simply thinking about the prospect of it can be nerve-wracking. After all, medical care without the aid of insurance can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, which you likely do not have budgeted.

Short term health insurance offers families a chance to get the medical care they need at an affordable rate, even without an employer to help subsidize costs. It can be purchased for only as long as you need it, so if you get a new job or pass through your probationary period, you do not need to worry that you will then be paying for two plans. This type of insurance allows families to feel at ease where medical care is concerned, and it is more affordable than other alternatives like COBRA.
Do you plan to travel to see family or friends during the holidays? You're not alone, as this tends to be the most popular time of year for travel. Travel can enjoyable, but it can also be difficult and sometimes even dangerous. ere are some tips on making the best of your travel plans, including buying short term health insurance.

One important thing to keep in mind is that it is always a good idea to book your travel as far in advance as possible. The closer it gets to the holidays, the fewer accommodations and flights you will have to choose from. Not only that, but the more expensive your travel will become. Since hotels and airlines know there are lots of people choosing from a small selection of offerings, they know they can charge more. You can save hundreds, or depending on your destination even thousands of dollars by booking early. You can also get your pick of seats on airlines or rooms in hotels so as to have a more comfortable trip.

Another valuable tip is to head online to study up on the area you will be staying in. What are the best places to visit, the best places to eat, and the most important things to do? Are there areas tourists are advised to stay away from? Health threats to avoid? All of this information and much more can be found through some very basic online research,

Finally, as you prepare for your trip, do not overlook the need for health insurance. Accidents, injuries, and illness occur during travel much more often than you might realize. And when they do occur, your ability to have your medical care covered by your health insurance plan varies from location to location. The last thing you want after experiencing a surprise hospital stay is to be handed a huge bill. With a small investment in short term health insurance, you can protect yourself financially from the possibility of this unplanned dilemma.

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