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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • By Accident: No Coinsurance or Deductible

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Short term health insurance benefits are often evaluated by the level of coinsurance and deductible that the plan features. Several plans, in order to make the plans more attractive and offer a wide variety of choice, have a range of deductibles to choose from.

The Secure 12X3 Short Term Medical plan is a temporary health insurance plan that offers a choice of four deductible amounts. However, the plan has an optional benefit that does not take into account the deductible or the coinsurance—the Supplemental Accident Benefit.

Under this benefit, a plan holder is reimbursed $500 of covered expenses for the treatment of an injury caused by an accident. The initial treatment for the injury must b received within 72 hours of the actual accident, and expenses can be claimed only for treatment received up to 90 days after the accident.

After the $500 that is covered, the rest of the expenses are subject to the deductible and co-insurance. This coverage, which must be purchased extra, offers a breather for those who suffer minor injuries as a result of an accident—say a minor fall resulting in a cut or a bruise that requires medical attention. It is also useful to ensure at least $500 coverage in case of an accident. Without this coverage, the burden of the entire expenses typically falls on the plan holder.

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