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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Be Carefree And Search Carefully For Long Term Health Coverage

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Too much of talks are going around regarding the necessity of possessing a health coverage. The US President had proposed a law under his name “Obamacare” that will mandate every American to possess some form of health coverage. Even without taking this law into consideration, we as a responsible member of our family, should be all prepared monetarily, if we have to visit a doctor for some health reason. If you are still not prepared and have to investigate the different options available in the market, first buy short term health insurance and then start investigating.

This law was proposed with a good intention of making people realise the importance of possessing a health insurance. There are widespread ideas among people regarding health insurance. Some people think that their body is disease-proof or injury-proof and hence the need to buy health insurance is eliminated. Some others are scared to visit a doctor fearing that he might diagnose their sickness as some big disease which again eliminates the necessity of a health coverage. Some others are lazy to take steps to buy a coverage. Some others find themselves too busy to even think of a coverage. There are many such reasons behind people not possessing a health coverage.

To make this people see reason and understand the importance, this law was proposed and the Supreme Court has upheld the mandate as a tax. As per this law, anyone who does not have a health coverage will be paying 1% of their income to IRS in addition to their regular taxes. Probably the justification would be if a person is able to pay a doctor instantly, he is rich enough to contribute to the Government too so that the weaker sections in society that are in bad financial state can be taken care of. This will atleast make people think that their health is of top priority and taking care of the same is their duty.

So until the time a decision can be taken on which long term insurance to buy, short term health insurance can safeguard you and give you enough time to arrive at an appropriate insurance, best suited to your requirements. Any US citizens below 64 years can avail this insurance. It is most suitable for people who are switching jobs or waiting for their long term insurance or new graduates or on COBRA.

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