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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

  • Avail a temporary health insurance until the President’s health care rule is established

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Feverish talks are going on among Consumer groups regarding the overhauling of President Barack Obama’s health care. Under these unstable circumstances, people whose health insurance is nearing expiry or already expired and do not possess one, should consider going for a temporary health insurance so that they can wait and choose a suitable long term plan leisurely.

The requirement for the President’s health care rule states that the health plans are expected to present a simpler and standard summaries of coverage to facilitate the consumer’s ease of choosing a suitable health insurance plan and at the same time provide for consumer protection. But the implementation of this itself seems to be in question as there are talks that the consumer protection might not be present in the rule. But the administration officials have reassured the consumer groups that the health care system would be more transparent and easily understandable.

Until all the issues settle down and the system rests itself in place, people, without any health insurance coverage can protect themselves with temporary health insurance. This insurance provides coverage for sudden illnesses or injuries. The regular checkups, vaccines, vision or dental care and the treatment for pre-existing conditions are exempted from coverage. This insurance gives coverage for hospitalization, diagnostic tests, doctor office visits, organ transplants and repatriation.

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