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  • Monday, November 20, 2017

  • Assurant vs. Secure 12x3 Plans: The Short Term Insurance Face-Off

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Short term health insurance comes in many flavors. You can, for instance, purchase a fixed benefit plan, which offers a set maximum for each covered medical condition, or you can purchase a comprehensive benefit plan, which offers coverage up to the policy maximum, covering applicable usual, customary and reasonable charges for the treatment.

For example, the Assurant Short Term Medical plan is a comprehensive benefits plan, and offers coverage up to a lifetime maximum of $2 million. The Secure 12x3 Short Term Medical insurance plan is a fixed benefit plan, and offers a maximum coverage of $750,000 per coverage period. Please note that this is not a lifetime maximum, and if you purchase another plan, you will be insured for $750,000 again. Both plans feature deductibles and co-insurance amounts.

The Assurant Short Term Medical plan offers benefits for doctors visits, inpatient and outpatient care, emergency room care, ambulance services, prescription drugs, surgery, and transplants. The limits of coverage are determined by the UCR rates prescribed for the zip code and type of medical treatment.

The 12x3 plan includes the following benefits: doctors office visits up to four visits per coverage period; in-hospital regular care charges, up to $1,000 per day including room and board charges; intensive or critical care charges up to $1,250 per day; surgery charges up to $1,000 per day; and ambulance charges up to $250 per emergency. This is only a partial list of the benefits.

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