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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

  • Are you well-equipped to fight off diabetes or any kind of illness?

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To be diagnosed with diabetes is now becoming a common occurence around us. People no longer fear this disorder of the body or the ill-effects it can bring us. There are numerous drugs to compensate the reduced secretion of insulin i.e., the diabetes. This is also said to be a genetic disorder. Diabetes can create complications like damage to blood vessels, reduced vision, malfunctioning of kidneys, numbness of feet etc. So we should always keep our health in check. We should always be well-prepared financially. People who are not covered under COBRA should possess COBRA insurance alternatives if they want to escape the burden of spending.

The recent studies and research has come up with the discovery of new hormone that helps in the prevention of occurence of diabetes. The benefits given by this hormone, named “irisin” are bountiful. This new hormone is secreted in the human body when he/she exercises which not only converts the white fat into healthy brown fat that assists in burning calories but also boosts the insulin secretion. Researchers are trying to mimic the effects of this hormone to aid people suffering from diabetes and those who are obese. However it is also said that not all the good effects of this hormone can be replicated.

Since diabetes shows no partiality in affecting anyone, it is important that we always possess some kind of health insurance like COBRA insurance alternatives to efficiently handle any situation. This alternative is very much useful for those who have been fired by employers who offered neither the group health insurance nor COBRA. The premium for this alternative is much lesser than COBRA and hence affordable.

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