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  • Friday, November 24, 2017

  • Are You Eligible for Short Term Health Insurance?

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Short term health insurance can be a great resource for people who need basic coverage at an affordable rate, but who are not in a position to commit to a lengthy coverage package. However, not everyone may obtain this type of coverage. Are you eligible? Here is some insight as to who can and cannot obtain coverage.

Are you 64 or older? If so, you will not be eligible for this type of insurance. Applicants under 64 years of age may apply. At 65 years of age, U.S. Residents may apply for Medicare coverage, which offers great healthcare plans at no charge.

Are you the spouse or dependent of someone applying for coverage? You are eligible for short term health insurance. These plans are able to offer coverage to families, which is especially important to anyone transitioning jobs who finds themselves without a group insurance plan.

Finally, another factor which may influence your eligibility is your health history. When applying, you will fill out a simple medical questionnaire. Depending on any historical red flags or preexisting conditions, you may not be eligible for coverage. Check with your potential plan provider to learn more about what health issues may exclude you from eligibility.

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