Short Term Health Insurance

Short term insurance is ideal for people residing in the United States, and are between jobs, awaiting a different health insurance to take effect or are on COBRA. Short term health insurance is also popular with people waiting for Medicare, or new graduates.

US residents who are under 64yrs of age can avail of Short term medical insurance. The applicant’s spouse and dependents can also apply. A short medical questionnaire has to be answered by applicants to evaluate eligibility. Typically, if the applicant is ill while applying, he would not be eligible for short term health insurance.

Short Term Health Insurance Quote Form

Temporary Health Insurance

Temporary Health insurance plans provide coverage against unforeseen injuries or illnesses. Coverage for wellness checks, preventive care, vaccines, vision or dental care is not offered. Pre-existing conditions and their treatment is also not covered by short term health insurance.

Actual benefits vary according to the specific plan and state. Usually, temporary health insurance plans cover hospitalization, diagnostic tests, doctor office visits, organ transplant and repatriation.

Health Insurance for Unemployed

Short term health insurance or temporary health insurance is the recommended class of health insurance for unemployed. The plans offer coverage as short as one month and as long as one year. Certain short term health insurance policies can be renewed for up to three years. However, if you think you will need to be covered for longer than one year, you might find the US long term insurance policies more beneficial.

Maximum coverage of one to two million are typical of short term health insurance policies. The options for deductible are from $250 up to $5,000. 80/20 or 50/50 co-insurance options for the initial $5,000 of medical expenses are also offered. These options are to be decided while applying for the short term insurance plan.

Alternatives to COBRA Insurance

Short term health insurance plans offered above are great alternatives to COBRA insurance. Many seek alternatives to COBRA insurance because they neither need the features offered by COBRA insurance nor like the high premiums traditionally associated with COBRA insurance.

Short term health insurance function as great alternatives to COBRA insurance for healthy individuals and families seeking to balance between insurance premiums and features. It is ideal for those not seeking coverage for pre-exisiting conditions and preferring independent no-nonsense health coverage.

COBRA Insurance Alternatives

Till recently COBRA health insurance premiums did not make much sense for the healthy unemployed. Traditionally the COBRA insurance premiums have been very high. However, the current government has a law in place to temporarily pick up 2/3 share of these premiums and reduce the COBRA premium burden on the unemployed.

People laid off from employers that neither offered Employee Group Health Insurance nor COBRA can consider the short term health insurance plans as COBRA insurance alternatives. These temporary health insurance plans can provide coverage up to a year and their premiums are typically about 30% of the COBRA premium. Plans offered above are great for healthy families seeking COBRA Insurance Alternatives.


If you have family or friends visiting the US from overseas then you can compare shop for visitor insurance plans at Coverage includes in-hospital and outpatient benefits including prescription drugs.


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